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Each workday morning I have a ritual.

Arrive at work, turn on my computer and let it boot-up.

Being the ever-so-efficient fellow that I am, I prepare a morning cup of java during this wait time.

Once booted, I check my personal email, my work email, my facebook and of Dreamstime account.

I've learned that the latter absorbs the most time during my morning ritual.

With baited breath and nerves tingling, I await the Dreamstime page to load, all the while staring at the upper right corner of the page hoping to see if I've had new downloads and an earnings balance increase.

Some days, I feel a shiver of excitement. My download count has increased and the dollars have risen forcing me to immediately check out what has sold and for how much.

We all love that part, don't we?

Then, I have a peek to see if any new images have been approved and God forbid, if any rejected.

I check out if there's any new and interesting messages on the boards.

I read new blogs. Occasionally I write a blog.

I view my statistics to see how the month is going and what my AR is.

I have a look at my pending files to see how the time frame for approval is going.

And then, I look through my online files, sorted by latest approved, to see how many lightboxes my photos are in...

I waste a lot of time here!

I can't seem to stop myself from looking at lightbox counts.

Photographers portfolio...clik.

Sort by 'latest uploads'...clik.

And then going thru the photos, selecting photos, page by, read lightbox count. Click, read lightbox count.

I can't stop. Clik. Clik. Clik.

Oh wait! The horses are in another lightbox! Woohoo!

Yeah! Hand, Heart, Church is in another lightbox! Yippee Kay Eh!

I'm mezmerized by lightbox counts.

Like flies to poop, I'm drawn to them.

It must be inbred, part of my DNA, I'm incapable of preventing myself from seeking their numbers.

Clik. Clik. Clik.

Man, I waste a lot of time looking at that figure.


I think I need one of those television interventions.

I've read many times here of folks discussing the importance of view counts and it's relation to sales.

Naturally, people need to view your images before they purchase but I don't think that's necessarily a good indicator as to whether the photo will sell or not. I think how many lightboxes the photo is in might be a better indicator.

So I waste my time there. A lot of it.

I'm having a dream now where the lightbox count showed up on the 'online files' page.

It's such a vivid dream, almost as though it was real.

In this dream, the columns for the 'Exclusive Image' checkbox and 'Edit' button button were narrowed and the lightbox count appeared just after the views column.

Oh what a dream. Truly a Dreamstime dream!

And what time I saved in this dreamy, Dreamstimey, dream!

Clik. Clik. Clik.

Ah, to clik no more. At least clik less.


I'm awake now.

Maybe it wasn't really a dream.

Maybe it was more a daydreaming wish.

Perhaps a psychic vision of things to come?


Aside from my dream.

The reality is that buyers download what they need.

They purchase that which fullfills their current project.

They download quality images of things and concepts which complete their goal.

And if we're lucky, they've found our image amongst the millions here.

Sometimes they mark them in their lightboxes and download later, other times search, view and immediately download. It is what it is.

Regardless, I cannot help myself from wasting time and looking at lightbox counts.

They facsinate me, excite and absorb me and suck me into the page causing carpal tunnel in my wrist and blindness in one eye.

Could it be that this you too?

Have a nice, silly, ridiculous kinda day!

Photo credits: George Kroll.

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June 25, 2013


I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing.

June 22, 2013


Glad it's not just me!!

June 19, 2013


Hey, the start of your day sounds just like mine......especially the Dreamstime part, and I go thru the SAME regiment as you do. :D It is so exciting...that little upper right hand area!!! I wish DT would put a column for lightbox counts along side of the view column.........

June 19, 2013


yah, basically that's it as far as i know.
I fear i may have just personally caused dreamstimes servers to light up with

doesn't seem to matter how many times i check my lightboxes, it doesn't make my sales come any faster!
don't spend too much time lookin'

June 19, 2013


Is there an easier way to check for lightboxes? Or do you have to click on each image and scroll down?

June 18, 2013


@Daddio Thanks! I am always learning something and I agree, lightbox counts is more useful to me than views. And I spend way too much time on here, too :-)

June 17, 2013


I haven't gotten into looking at the lightbox count, but I do find my self checking sales often everyday.

June 17, 2013


Sounds like my day too. It takes me ages to check all images for any that have been added to lightboxes since a couple of days ago when I last checked. Sometimes I spot an extra addition to a lightbox and within an hour or two the sale arrives. What did I do with my time before this obsession.

June 17, 2013


Hi Karen,

Yah, i like knowing about lightboxes on my photos and would like that too. Views are interesting but like you, I think LB count shows the possibility of getting a sale better than views.
In the end however, it comes down to someone pushing the 'buy' button.
Maybe that's why i'm obsessed with LBs. It's one step closer to that buy button.
If was a prolific as others here and had thousands of images online and super regular sales, I probably wouldn't care. lol.

June 17, 2013


Hi Chanevy,
If you clik on an image in your portfolio,down on the bottom of the page where it says Categories and Collections is where you would see if you image is in someone's lightbox.
if it's not in a lightbox, there's nothing there.

June 17, 2013


Hmmm, I checked a couple of mine and I can't find a place to view lightbox count. Does the button only appear if they are actually added to a light box?

June 17, 2013


I second your idea of adding Lightboxes to the Online Files page .... also think this stat is much more useful than the Views count. Nice blog! K-

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