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I have had so much fun over the years with a stack of blogs I have maintained. Some were purely for fun, and some created a bit of income.

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One blog I had was called "The Australian Times" and it was a news satire site. I had RSS feeds hooked up to it, and my fan base even submitted it to Google News to include in their news feeds. Google were kind enough to do this, but put the title "SATIRE" above each link.

However that did not stop people clicking the story thinking it was real. One such case was on the evening of the announcement of the winner of Australian Idol. I knew heaps of people would be trawling the internet seeing if there was a leak about who won the contest, so I wrote a very unkind story announcing who won the event. I made very unkind comments about her obesity and titled the story: "Fat chick wins Idol, more pop per pound".

That story got 400,000 clicks during the evening. And I got thousands of hateful emails complaining about my nastiness.

But seriously, now that I am on Dreamstime, I find that the images here are so affordable, even the most amateur of bloggers could afford to buy some really great pics to professionalise their content.

I am about to release a new blog reviewing products and I know where I can go for the images ... right here!

Photo credits: Feng Yu, Scott Maxwell, Nikolai Sorokin.

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August 25, 2008


I had to smile about your blog you posted about the winner of the Australian idol.. it was mean but got you noticed!! I was just thinking the other day about starting a photography blog... its now on my list of things to do!!

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