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You can buy royalty-free photos?

Wow! I've been using the Internet since back when it was still the ARPANET and I had no idea that one could buy royalty-free photos until just a few days ago.

I've been in real estate as a Realtor, property investor, and home inspector (among other professions) for over 30 years and have recently decided to convert all these Plain Jane articles that I have into useful Internet documents for my various Clients. So I was out trying to take some good pictures of mold the other day, but since I don't have mold in my own home, I got frustrated. So I came back to the office and did a search on mold and, out of the gazillionbazillion returns I got (shock!), one was, so I checked it out. Well since then I've downloaded about 15 photos. Sure saves me a lot of time.

I wonder what else is out there on the Internet that I've been missing. Maybe I should just sit down some weekend and get curious, just like my little kitty cat Zoey. Hmmmm. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!

Photo credits: Amy Walters.

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October 04, 2007


There is royalty free music as well :)

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