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I like the TV show "The Big Bank Theory". It is funny, a little crazy show for a good mood :-) As much as I enjoy the show itself, I like also the song of The Big Bank theory theme. Searching for it in YouTube, I have found a video that offer the song with lyrics. Producer of this video used images and, to my suprise, almost in the end - at 1.37 minute - appears my image. This image here with colorful astrological symbols :-) Wow, my image with this wonderful, funny song :-)

As you see, you can find your images in many places, even in footages. It is always nice to see how images are used "in action" :-), isn

I enjoy to watch TV series. They are shorter (as for me it is hard to find time to see movies) and step by step the main personages are developted in a way that they might become almost "familiar". My favorite are "NCIS", "Criminal Minds", "The Big Bang Theory", "CSI", "Step by Step" etc. :-) What is yours? :-)

Well, I wish you a wonderful April :-) As you know I can

Photo credits: Starblue.

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June 13, 2011


I like your blog. Very interesting. Thanks :).

June 13, 2011


Great that you find your image in the video!!! So cool!!! :))) Congrats!

June 13, 2011


wow, it must be quite a feeling to see your own creation on TV,etc.. I don't watch TV so I wouldn't know . But I know from another site where they show which countries downloaded my works, most of their clients who use my work regularly are not from my "backyard".
Still, it is equally an awesome feeling to know art directors,etc.. of a foreign land from as far as Japan to far down as NZ and Australia to Africa and EC..UK find our works useful .
That alone exemplifies the Global Economy that the www has opened to us all. Cheers.

April 05, 2011


Congrats on finding your image! I have to say I also like NCIS, CSI and Two and a half men. Yes I know Charlie has recently gone to the dark side... but the show is sooo funny!

April 05, 2011


Congratulations Jitka and wish you an wonderful day :)

April 03, 2011


Congratulations my friend! Wish you a wonderful season as well ;)

April 03, 2011


It is really cool, when you stumble upon your images while not actually looking for them :D
My favorite tv show at the moment is Supernatural. Right next to Stargate SG1, Stargate Altantis and all kinds of Star Trek series :)

April 03, 2011


Congrats! Great find!

We enjoy Big Bang Theory as well. Sheldon is a Aspie (Aspergers, part of the Autism Spectrum) x1000. We see bits of our (high functioning Aspergers) child in him and it cracks us up. The other characters are great too.. love that show.

April 03, 2011


Congrats, Jitka! That must have been the best surprise ever! :)))
I love Friends! :)

April 02, 2011


CSI (Las Vegas) and Law & Order: SVU are my all time favorites. I've only found a handful of my images "in action" but all those finds gave me big smiles.
Enjoyed browsing through your PF. Congrats!

April 01, 2011


What fun to see your image like that:)
NCIS is my favorite from your list....

April 01, 2011


That was lucky for you to come across it.
Yes your pictures can be used anywhere. One of mine (of a war cemetry) was used in the title roll of a War movie, and with credit to my name. Unfortunately that pic is not here on DT so I can't show it to you. (It is in Flickr)

April 01, 2011


nice pics

April 01, 2011



April 01, 2011


That's is correct you can find your images anywhere, I have found some of my images in 3 different magazines that I looked at a supermarket when waiting in line...

April 01, 2011


Wow, your illustration on tv is a great and lucky find!!! Congratulations!

April 01, 2011


I really love the big bang theory, damages, CSI, Dr House, How wonderful you could see your image in that song! Congrats!!! =)

April 01, 2011


big BANG :P

April 01, 2011


Thats a cool find, indeed!!

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