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I recently had the privilege of working with a new male model. I wanted some different, a little rugged, a little western material for my portfolio.


This was actually like 4 photo shoots in one. We spent the entire afternoon doing different stuff and had a alot of fun in the process. When he mentioned he had an authentic WWII uniform, I could not resist the opportunity.

The expressions that he delivered were incredible and he was very willing to try different things. We did so much stuff I am still sifting through the nearly 400 images to pick the best stuff for stock.

At the end of the day, I think I will keep this model as long as he is willing to work with me. Next up a lumberjack photo shoot. Get ready to play with chain saws and axes! I look forward to many more images on DT with this model and a good continuing partnership.

Photo credits: Val Armstrong.

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March 12, 2012


Nice photos! Love the expression on the ATM.

March 11, 2012


Beatiful images!!!

March 11, 2012


Nice images, congrats!

March 10, 2012


Great images, good luck.

March 10, 2012


Love the Soldier pic, good luck with your future collaboration. K-

March 09, 2012


Great images! And a great model who seems to be willing to experiment and play. Best wishes for you and hope that they sell well. You'll have to keep us updated on your next shoot! :)

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