When you get a present....

The set of my new images was caused by getting a present. When my friend gave me a small bunch of dry lavender, I immediately liked it - the color and the shape. I observed it for awhile and suddenly I knew I would want to use it for my new photos. I have got lavender candles and salt and I have started to prepare the set. It has been very pleasant to make these images, so I have continued with creation - even without lavender.

When you get a present, try to use it also for photos. Especially when you get a beautiful gift that you like. If you get red socks, perhaps you won

Since now you can have double pleasure with gifts. :-) Perhaps you could announce today to your family and friends that giving you present can turn into a very good investment :-)

I wish you to get a lot of wonderful presents, to use them creatively, to enjoy them afterward and... since I have created images with wellness, I wish you a lot of vitality for your body and a lot of peace and joy in your soul.

Photo credits: Starblue.

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Beautiful photos - I'm sure they will sell well!


Very beautiful idea for items that come your way often by surprise! Beautiful set-ups!


I always love your blogs, this one is excellent also.


Very interesting picture of life,Great photos!


Fantastic idea and beautiful photos!


Stock photography does that to people.. you start seeing the possibilities... Nice imagery Jitka!!


Great idea and photos.


I do think that if the object you shoot has a special meaning for you , you may involve yourself more strongly in the task...and that may reflect in the results!
congrats for the images!


Great images like always,you are full of creativity and imagination:)Congratulations!


It's nice to immortalise objects you love or gifts through photos. The wooden background is really nice, it looks all very earthy and you can almost smell the lavender :-)


Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I also want it to get from my friends for my birthday a cat ( so I can love her and pet her, and make her pictures), but they bought me a hood for my lens :P So, I`ll have to take a picture to that now :)


Great ideas and great images too Jitka! I love the rustic wooden table you have them on too it makes a great background with much more character than just using white :)


Always amazing taste of shots! Nothing is greater than photographing special objects that reminds us of something or someone! ;)


You must feel very relaxed after smelling the lavender, the salts, and the candles:) Perhaps your suggestion would also work if I asked my family to take me out to nice dinners where the food is beautiful to photograph?


Congratulations: beautiful images!


Beautiful pics.


Nice tip!

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