When you have just a few moments to make your photos

There are situations where you must be quick to make your photos - even if the environment is anything else but photographer friendly.

This happened to me at the Easter Procession in Malaga, Spain, during the Semana Santa (=Holy Week). This area is sunny and warm for nearly the full year. The weather was still nice when I left the hotel but it became very cold and rainy during the day.

The first photo shows the leading part of the procession: Men and women with their traditional black cloaks and hoods. It also shows the bad weather condition. Professional photographers who stood beside me had covered their equipment with plastic. Since I'm not a professional I even didn't have an umbrella!

In the background you can see the statue carried by strong believers. All my photos from the statue itself were shaken because I was not at all properly dressed with my T-shirt - I was barely able to stop my trembling caused by the cold!

© Jdanne

The next photo shows the front part of believers who carried the statue. I had this space just for a few seconds - other photographers were pretty pushy and smart phone owners stretched their arms to put their mobiles in front of my lens. Moreover, the statue weights tons and it is absolutely not a good idea to stand in its way!

© Jdanne

The street was quite narrow and fully filled with visitors. There was nearly no space to find the best angle or to move around. There was no time to fiddle around with automatic modes, shutter speed, aperture and ISO value or to clean the lens from the raindrops.

© Jdanne

© Jdanne

And there was no second chance: I followed the procession but was not able to get so close to it again. Last but not least: The dignity of the procession should - under no circumstances - be disturbed!

Photo credits: Jdanne.

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Well, the weather was the opposite of beautiful! Even in Andalucia/Spain, at the Costa del sol, the weather is sometimes really bad. It was raining cats and dogs the entire day in Malaga. The streets, my father and I and the whole city were so wet because of the rain. The poor volunteer men and women who had participated at the Easter Procession.


Thank you, Perstock and Egomezta.

Egomezta: I know this feeling. My own family has not much patience.


Still you catched the moment and thats great!


Your images are great despite the few time you had. I guess we all suffer the same, at least for me happens all the time when I travel and want to take some images and everybody else is just waiting for you.


Thank you, Concetta and Fabio!


Great story and exucursus of this blog Joerg! Despite the difficulties you've reported some beautiful shots! Usually religious processions are folk very chaotic but, certainly not for me! Greeting my friend!

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