When you must not take pictures

And I can continue this phrase with “and when you must not upload them” as in either of these cases the pictures will not be approved.

I will highlight only some reasons that came from my experience, so if you have your experience when you “prevented” yourself from taking a picture, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

So, in my humble opinion, the very first case when you must not take a picture is when the subject you are shooting is not highlighted in a right way. What do I mean by saying it?

• When there is lack of light in shades or vague light in lights – a mixture of different colors that result in weird light.

• When it is the purely white sky while taking landscape pictures. In most cases, you can’t do anything with such a sky. However, you can try to use a polarization filter but it doesn’t always help. If you really like the view and the sly is the only reason for not taking a picture, come back to that place some other day – and you will win! Of course, there can be pictures where you need a white sky, but that is not our case.

The second case is when the subject is interesting only to you. Please, do not be offended, but there is a number of subjects that are interesting only to a person who is taking a picture. A brilliant example of such pictures is pictures of babies. Every parent considers his child The Most in everything. But this is not the case for the rest of people – for them it’s just a baby who sometimes can scream and look ugly. So think twice before uploading such pictures – they might be out of interest for other people.

Hope my brief description of the most common mistakes will help you producing better pictures.

Photo credits: Awizard.

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September 27, 2009


Good article.

September 27, 2009


great tips, thanks alot :)

September 27, 2009


Thanks,Yes sometimes it is best just to keep it for yourself and family members.LOL

September 24, 2009


Awizard & Fotomagique have pretty much nailed it. I would add a couple of thoughts: look for a fresh approach; if it has been done a zillion times, ask what makes our image sufficiently different to be accepted. This might be a reason not to take the photo or do so for our personal albums rather than stock. Secondly there are times when it is still okay to take the photo; this can be a learning experience to see how an idea or subject translates into a photo. If we're discovering how an effect/look/style was achieved this may help us as photographers, though it doesn't mean the images ought to be submitted. The trick is to evaluate whether or not we have successfully captured the story or look, learn from it and think of other ways to create images/illustrations that can help designers and be successful. I often take pictures where the subject matter intrigues me and I want to take advantage of the moment. I ask myself how the image could be used, what do I envision and does it work. If I don't think they're viable on their own, I may keep them for textures or other types of layers for future compositions. Others get binned. I've often done keyword searches to see if a concept has already been done before taking any photos, then see if my idea offers a fresh approach; I've also found subjects of interest for which there aren't many images and then strive to provide ones that speak to both our passion as a photographers and the commercial needs of the buyer. So there are times when it may be best not to take the photo, or to take it and then see whether it is stock-worthy. Hope this helps! Cheers for now...

September 24, 2009


Agree, this is what I was trying to explain.
Thank you!

September 24, 2009


Yes, every photographer must upload commercial, editoarial images with market value. It is called empathy, the capability to share and understand another's emotions and feelings, in our case other people and companies needs.

September 23, 2009


Thanks for this, great tips, much appreciated. Cheers Karen

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