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I wish when I started here as a newbie that I understood the answer to this question. I didn't know for a long time about Editorial pictures. It certainly slowed me down trying to avoid getting people in my images.

Clearly you cannot run after the Queen or Prime Minister and ask , ' please sign here ' on a contract form !

At events like agricultural shows, highland games, lectures by VIPs you can take pictures which need no model release. You aren't allowed to manipulate the images obtained at these events.

Here are examples which are allowed; Martin Stepek giving a lecture to creative writers

Woman at the Highland Games in Inverness throwing the hammer [ dont get in the way ! ]

Competitor throwing the weight

Spectator at the games lighting a pipe, now a very rare sight

My favourite fiddler who played at the games

Man throwing the hammer

Piper at the Highland Games in Inverness

Scottish Highlander in highland dress at Forres Games and with his wife.

Potter at Portsoy Boat Festival giving demonstration

High Steward ( deputy to the Scottish King ) in re-enactment at Portsoy

What a difference to my uploading figures it would have made four years ago if I had understood from the start about model release and places where it is unnecessary. I hope this post helps newbies to microstock photography.

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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December 15, 2013


Good to know! Thank you!

August 12, 2013


Thanks for sharing. I had the same experience as you, David. Worse, I even avoided things like logos and signs, so loads of skyline, city shots missed.

August 08, 2013


I say expressly you are not allowed to manipulate these editorial images in my first paragraph and third sentence. Please read it again. I have looked at image id 28370049 and it could be a shot of the President with the constitution behind and without manipulation. Maybe you do have a point which the staff on DT could clarify.

August 08, 2013


David, your interpretation of editorial images is not quite right.It's unethical for journalists to alter news images and they will get fired or worse for doing so but in terms of stock photos and DT you can indeed manipulate editorial images. Look at this example of Barack Obama superimposed on an image of the US constitution: ID# 28370049. Editorial in Stock photography includes many uses as long as the use is NOT commercial.

August 08, 2013


I love editorial photos, and have become quite an event photographer! I think I sell as many editorial as I do those with model releases... do good job, enjoy, and this is a great way to make yourself get out of the house and go to events! nice photos!

August 08, 2013


Recently posted............. so will wait and see.

August 08, 2013


Good or bad sales of these images?

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