You're No More There

Every morning,

I still open my eyes to greet the day,

I still hear the birds singing away,

I still feel the wind blowing astray,

But still you’re no more there.

Every noon time,

I still eat my lunch to fill my hunger,

I still walk to reach wherever,

I still talk to whomever,

But still you’re no more there.

© Bedo
Every evening,

I still drive home and take my shower,

I still stroll by to buy some flowers,

I still cook my own dinner,

But still you’re no more there.

Every nite,

I still sit on my bed and read my novels,

I still write my diary about my day all over,

I still lay my head on the pillow and fall to slumber,

But still you’re no more there.

© Glebus
Still you’re no more there.

I act as if I do not care.

But trully, I do not know what to do,

Just continue wishing my wish come true.

Photo credits: , Norman Chan, Gautier Willaume, Gleb Semenjuk, Richard Mcdowell.

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May 19, 2008


This is a beautiful poem along with the photos!

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