You're the superstars!

This is written while still under the influence of the Rolling Stones in their first show in Romania, an ex-communist country, where they were waited for 45 years. I don't plan to write about the show itself, this is about something completely different.

Musical genres are subject to personal opinions and you may very well like or dislike these guys. 60,000 thousands people on a stadium waited for them at 110 F and enjoyed their performance more than anything else.

Lots of Romanian blogs have been writing about the concert today. A certain blogger remembered how people could've got arrested in their homes 20 years ago for listening to such music. Just for playing it, just for listening to a certain radio station, just for expressing personal thoughts (photography included).

If you were born after the end of this era, you will never know the feeling.

But my preamble is neither about the Stones nor their music, it's about the end of an era and the beginning of freedom of expression and creation, be it thought, word or photography. Call it political censorship or economical/market closure, that time is gone.

You are free to express yourself in front of our audience. You are free to show the world your creation. We have more than 2 full stadiums each day, for you, the contributors. You have no excuses - You're the icons, enjoy your show!

And if you're a designer/buyer reading this, the blog is your ticket to this show. You are not spectators but stars. Don't be shy, come into the light!

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name..."

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July 19, 2007


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