You're a what?!

A Stevedore.

That's right, I'm one of very few qualified female Stevedores in the UK at the moment.

"What's a Stevedore?" I hear you say ... well, the dictionary definition is "One who is employed in the loading or unloading of ships". I first started doing this in Hull, East Yorkshire, in December of 2001, and there being a lot of old school Dockers there was a 'book' on how long I would last, the longest being 2 weeks if I remember correctly. Nearly 6 years on I am still doing the job in a slightly different variation and in a different port.

In Hull (also Immingham, Goole and once Grimsby) I loaded/unloaded timber, steel, cocoa, paper products and containers.

In the far north of Scotland, at a tiny port called Scrabster I load/unload the 40ft road trailers, with a Tugmaster.

These trailers come to or from the ferry that traverses between here and Stromness in the Orkney Islands. I tie the ferry up also, so I am a 'rope handler'.

That's just a little about me and what I do.

I hope you enjoyed the quick read and insight into my life.


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August 07, 2007


Interesting work. I imagine it must be hard sometimes, but at least you get to take cool photos!

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Photo credits: Paula Fisher.