Are you setting the custom white balance on your camera?

Are you using the custom white balance setting yet?

If not, here are a few great videos on the importance and simplicity

of setting the custom white balance on your camera.

Many photographers set it several times throughout the day

to match the current lighting conditions,

to take better pictures, without needing to correct the coloring later.

Watch this great " Custom White Balance Tutorial Video"

And " Youtube search: camera custom white balance"

Photo credits: Loveliestdreams.

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July 18, 2011


really useful, simply and practical info. thank You

October 08, 2009


Congratulations for your portofolio! Lovely!
Regards, Dragos

January 05, 2009


nice tips. I'm using custom wb, just for record :).

June 05, 2008


Very informative for those of us who are still new to this.

June 05, 2008


good work! ;)

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