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Struggling Turtle on log

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives! As photographers we want that perfect picture in that very moment. Often times we travel great distances and expect mother nature to be willing and ready from the moment we arrive at that majestic spot. Yet what happens? There are no animals! It is as if they new you were coming. Like the painter paints on a blank canvas or a sculptor creates the perfect marble masterpiece, there is always one thing in common. Patience!

We are always on the move as nature enthusiasts we want to see anything and everything. However sitting still is not always our best quality. Trust me when I tell you this but I am guilty of it to sometimes. I will go out in the middle of a forest and hike around many of the trails and I come up empty. Can it be frustrating at times? Absolutely! We need to constantly remind ourselves why we are out there. Remind yourself why you are out there, it is not just because you want to take pictures but you also have a love of the outdoors and everything nature has to offer.

Take your time. When you watch someone fishing or a hunter in their tree stand, they do not expect the fish or perfect ten point buck to just jump right out at them. They will find a spot and sometimes sit there for hours on end, taking in their surroundings enjoying the serenity of the world around them. It is okay to walk around but do not expect everything to just pop out at you in an instant. Take in your surrounds enjoy the beauty of everything around you and most of all RELAX!

Even if you are the only person in the middle of the woods and your remaining as quiet as can be. Animals know you are there and naturally they are scared of you. A lot of times they see or sense you before you even know they were there. When you find a good spot lets say by a pristine secluded body of water, sit there for awhile eventually nature will reset itself. When animals feel as though you are not a threat to their survival they will eventually go back to doing what they do naturally.

Admittedly sometimes you get very lucky and it seems as though everything is working out perfectly. The animals are there, its the perfect photo haven. However lets be realistic for just a moment. This will not always be the case, more often then not you will walk away empty handed. Don't fret and keep doing what you love to do. Keep going out there when ever the mood strikes and eventually your perfect shot will be there.

Just remember that patience is key! the greatest works never happened over night and to never give up on your passion for outdoor photography. Whether its a hobby or you are a professional trying to make a name for yourself remind yourself why you love doing it is what you do, what brought you out there in the middle of the wilderness in the first place. Most of all enjoy the beauty of the world around you because the world never sits still and is forever changing before our eyes.

Photo credits: Jeremy Iushewitz.

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June 30, 2019


This is an amazing blog, thanks for sharing

June 28, 2019


Great article Jeremy! It is true, wildlife photography and hunting are true parallels. One of my favorite quotes is from photography George Lepp.  "Wildlife photography supplies all the primeval satisfaction of the hunt, from the stalk, to the strategy, to the trophy shot. You don't need a license; you don't need a gun, a butcher knife, or a taxidermist. And if you shoot another photographer with a 500mm lens, no harm done!" Again, well done article and photos! William  

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