Are you in Washington, D.C.?

If any fellow Dreamstime'ers happen to be in D.C. - may I ask a favor?

If you would happen to be along the Smithsonian Mall in the next few days - before the 15th of January - is there any chance you might stop in the Smithsonian Castle? I have a photo on display there - and I was never able to get there in order to see it. it was a finalist in the Smithsonian Photo Contest. It runs through Jan 15.

If you'd find this at all convenient, I'd enjoy a quick snapshot of it on the wall (first floor) in the Smithsonian Castle.

Its a photo of a bunch of little Indian school children hanging on a yellow auto-rickshaw as they come home from work. Its the only one that would remotely fit that description. They're all looking at the camera as I took their picture.

Its basically this picture:

If any of you are close to that location, and would be in that area anyway - I'd sure appreciate it. But please don't trouble yourself.

Many thanks if possible.


Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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September 12, 2012


yes, am in DC area but i think am late to reach here , search craigslist washington for these kinds of favours as reponse is much faster there

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