Are you in Washington, D.C.?

If any fellow Dreamstime'ers happen to be in D.C. - may I ask a favor?

If you would happen to be along the Smithsonian Mall in the next few days - before the 15th of January - is there any chance you might stop in the Smithsonian Castle? I have a photo on display there - and I was never able to get there in order to see it. it was a finalist in the Smithsonian Photo Contest. It runs through Jan 15.

If you'd find this at all convenient, I'd enjoy a quick snapshot of it on the wall (first floor) in the Smithsonian Castle.

Its a photo of a bunch of little Indian school children hanging on a yellow auto-rickshaw as they come home from work. Its the only one that would remotely fit that description. They're all looking at the camera as I took their picture.

Its basically this picture:

If any of you are close to that location, and would be in that area anyway - I'd sure appreciate it. But please don't trouble yourself.

Many thanks if possible.


Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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September 12, 2012


yes, am in DC area but i think am late to reach here , search craigslist washington for these kinds of favours as reponse is much faster there

January 07, 2009


Thank you very much... but please don't go to any great trouble. if it is convenient, then thank you very much.... I'll check out your portfolio!

Thanks - David.

January 07, 2009


Hi David,
I live in Beltsville,Maryland and do alot of shoots in Washington DC.The weather here is horrible but on the next clear day i'll be going downtown for another shoot and i'll stop by the castle and see what i can capture for ya.The Smithsonian Castle is in my portfolio as well as many shoots captured in DC.

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