You will be inspired by a Florida radio station blog

So for anyone that wants a good chuckle, I will tell you my story.

Im still testing the dreamtime platform to see what the public and designers will actually buy so I am on purpose taking pictures of things that are just to test the market for now until I start doing my modelling shoots again.

So I thought it would be very funny to put a picture of the nicest pooper scooper sign I ever saw as a total test.

I tested it because im trying to find catagories that there is a hidden market for which is usually things people dont really want to talk about but if you were to write an article you would need a funny picture to go with certain subjects.

So here is my popper scooper picture that sold to a radio station in Florida with a big funny article to go with it.

Thank you so much to everyone at the radio station for picking my picture and putting up the credits! This will inspire the millions of photographers on Dreamstime to keep taking funny pictures!

Im sure you have inspired many photographers to go ahead now to take pictures of things that they thought would be to silly to ever put up on a platform but you proved that there is a picture to go with every story and you all proved that any picture can be worth 1000 funny words!

Any photographers reading this I would love to hear funny comments about anything similar that has happened to you!

No dog poop - sign to keep dog-parks clean in America

Photo credits: Project007.

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