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NOTICE : The fact remains that better the camera, the more approval ratio you have and more sales as well, but I am writing this blog from my experience and analysis.

When I hit the stock concept on google, it wasn’t microstock. It was about RM (Rights Managed) Stock photography. I was a regular visitor to ****** , and used to admire the pictures and the creativity there. Its there I understood that photography whether digital or analog was more about post-processing than clicking the and when they gave me suggestions for photography I wanted to do, they were too skeptical about it. Saying the subjects are not stock oriented, and if they were, it was not the way I should be shooting it. I gave up. I decided, I will shoot my way, my angles, my composition and my subjects but not compromise on my creativity whether it sells or not.

I started on 3.2 MP and more than half of my sales still are of the pictures clicked on 3.2 MP camera. I decided to sell my analog SLR eventually to buy a CANON S3 IS as I could not afford an D-SLR. I started shooting on the new camera, and it has got its limitations as well. I Will buy a D-SLR soon, I think its right for too professional photographers to have interest in the pricing of RF and I think it works with this analysis.

Considering my online files and sales, I am selling good according to my expectations, might not be as good as others. Even if I buy a D-SLR, I will reserve much of the images for RM market. Why would I sell a 15MP image when the same kind of image at 6MP would sell at the same price? Or e.g. I would recommend microstock agencies to add a RM or SR-EL kind of exclusive section for such issues.

Maybe sometimes I would like to sell an image only exclusively instead of selling it at RF. That would stop me from going to the normal RM industry and still reap equal benefits here.

I think anyway microstock clients would never really make use of a 15MP image printed in the maximum printing size. So for a person downloading an image of that size at $2 and using it for his collection or brochure prints makes no sense. The clientèle is different for RF and RM and I think microstock agencies should start challenging RM industries with certain strategies like I mentioned about. Though I admit that I only know DT who is into SR-EL sales. The only change needed is submitting images for only SR-EL sale, without RF sale. Obviously the selection criteria for such images should be reserved by the admin.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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September 27, 2007


Yes, such option would be nice to have here on DT, especially for exclusives (like myself). I can't even consider RM, because exclusivity doesn allow this.

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