Your Computer Crashed and all is lost!

Yes, it can and will in time happen to you. Protect yourself by making two DVD's of your original images, save one copy in your desk and another in a second place. Not in the same building!

I had a studio and a house burn to the ground. (five years apart) lost everything and learned my lesson. Save, and save again!

I lost thousands of commercial images as well as mine. Don' let it happen to you.

Good luck!


Photo credits: PeJo29.

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Yes back ups are the order of the day.
I have it in an external hard disc and camera cards and for good measure have some on Flickr, and then have converted some to interesting videos and thats on U tube.
So in case of a crash I just have to open my YouTube account and look at them (with music for good effect) :-)


UPDATE: I just had a computer failure. It would not turn on regardless of what I tried. So I bought a new computer and put all my (would have been lost photos) back on the new computer. Better safe than sorry. Back yours up today. I now use two external hard drives to do the job. Keep one at home the other in a bank safety box. Lesson learned!! -Larry


I have been thinking of this for some time and seem to be postponing it everytime. (Not that I have much of high value in my comp) but still its best to have a back up for anything.




Good idea! Nice pics!


good idea. i remember when i was a wee teen working for the government insurance office where the first thing we learn in orientation class was , "we always think that it would happen to someone else, never us".
i never had problems with losing my negatives and slides by fire (i'm ageing myself, those old days when we used to shoot with that, lol), but i did lose some irreplaceable to moisture damage.


Thanks for the advise!
Everyone is thinking "this won't happen to me" but you never know ... I'll keep that in mind!

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