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Good evening DT contributors and site perusers! I am a very recent entrant into the stock photography landscape, and just had my first sell. I'm sure it's just a fluke, and not the start of a tidal wave of downloads since few people besides me have an interest in bugs and water drops, but it's still a great feeling. I still shoot what I love, and will probably not stray from nature shots, although they don't pay the bills, so to speak. What were your first accepted/downloaded photos of? Were they the subjects you thought would bring the most heat, or one of those "just for me" pics you threw on here because you liked it? Please comment below! Thank you all, and best of luck!

Photo credits: Eric Krouse.

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hello and congratulation : my first sale[imgr][/imgr]


Hello, i also shoot wildlife nearly exclusively and know that I´ll newer make much sales but if you can it is important to shoot what fascinates you, I think. Even shooting objects which are not so looked for by our customers, if we learn which one´s are more interesting for them and we increase our commercial (not necessarily artistic) quality, we may sell..



congratulations for your first sale.



Congrats for your first sale! Wish you many more to come!
My first sale was an landscape in winter! I didn`t think such a picture will sale with so many others on this site :)


There are beautiful images in your portfolio! Congratulations for your first sale! :)


Hello Eric & welcome to DT! Your port looks nice as a start! Wish you good luck in growing up your port & sales as well! Congratulations your milestone! Yes my first sale was the subject that I thought it will be my best sellers! Cheers :)

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