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Your image max sell value

I want to find out more on Dreamstime's customer what preferable image size or price they usually needs.

© Httin
Today I got $4 sold on this image with maximum size downloaded. This is the highest selling price I got after the 12 sold images.

And what is your maximum value and size you image that sold?

Photo credits: Httin.

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December 11, 2007


I sold the rights to an image similar to this and received $1,500 for it.

December 11, 2007


I got another 4$ sale today for this picture HERE
That is not bad.

What do you meant by additional format for 8$ sale Sanda?

Best regards

December 10, 2007


Hi Dong,
How did you know the sold different images size for the same price?
I can only know the price sold and trace the price tag myself to find out what size is it for that selling price.


December 10, 2007


Congrats! u have v.beautiful images on ur portfolio..
& my max sell value was 8$ for additional format :)

All the best!

December 09, 2007


Hi good morning Rui,
Your words triggled me to work harder for more uploading and go for the assignment. But for sure by more uploading will bring you more selling opportunities.
Thanks for your kind explanations.


December 08, 2007


Congrats! You really have a nice portfolio.
I have had some good individual sales, ranging from the *annoying* subscription $0.30 to $4 too. Never had any EL sale, but it will come :-). One other thing that really helps to reach higher individual incomes, is to submit frequently to Assignments, so that you can get into level 5 images. The new image levels also helps a lot, but tyhe other side of the coin are the subscription sales... :-)
Keep up the good work, Tin!

December 08, 2007


Wow! that is great. Hope I will meet the target like you one day.

December 07, 2007


$25 on a christmas image, I was rather surprised. The 25$ is enough to pay my petrol from home to my studio for one trip!

December 07, 2007


Image ID:2962235
$1.80 for a panorama picture: 5234x1019 pixels. Still waiting for these four bucks (or selling the rights, too:)

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