Are your keywords being Hijacked

I write today to remind all those members out there that it is not a condoned action, and ultimately there must be some level of punitive action exercised when [and not if] you are caught.

For the benefit of protecting the offenders' identity I felt that it would be kind not to display which of the few level 5 images that I do have was the image that was pilfered off …

Today I've found another unscrupulous loZer … who has seemingly specifically identified one of my level 5 images and hijacked EVERY single keyword, verbatim … And the contributor is an exclusive contributor.

Further more He/She then was so brazen but to use those same keywords on all 17 images of theirs that were subsequently accepted … even thought all the keywords were identical … which is not uncommon as the the image content was of a similar subject matter — but/and all the images had multiple keywords that were not relevant to the accepted images.

The offender was kind enough to add ONE keyword of their own, fortunately … ;)


I think that the image editors need to also be alerted to this type of action, not just the quality of an image, but also the quality & relevance of it's keywords.

© Sid

What to do about this matter …

At the end of the day DT admins needs to take action to remedy this type of action, but I do believe that there has to be more swift & sever action taken. Especially when someone is specifically targeting particular image levels [i.e level 5 in my case], just in the hopes to try and squeeze out a sale or two of their own … based off the "successes" of someone else work.

I still believe the best way to prevent keyword hijackers from copying our keywords is for DT not to display all the active keywords that are in each file … when the searched files are singled out in their own page/tab, as at the time of selecting to purchase an image.

What are your opinions on this matter, I wonder?

I'm sure there are many of you that are saying … Nah, we don't really care if some loZer copies from us … but at the end of the day … when it does happen to you that you see the next "milestone" / "assignment" / "EL" / "whatever" image that gets sold etc … actually was sold on the basis of the specific keyword that you managed to research for your same/similar image, you may indeed not be singing the same tune.

Why am I venting, so …

Well I guess the fact that this transgression has been performed by a fellow exclusive contributor has been the main reason for my blog today. I am just very disappointed that we have this type of behavior at all, but most especially from someone that is only contributing here at DT.

To me it just indicates that this person is here to leech of all of us & that is just NOT COOL.

© Grasko

Have you done a quick check to see if you can find your keywords in other users files?

How you ask? Well that part is perhaps for another day … in the meantime I leave you with this thought

Why all the fuss?

Well just as all things in life, if you don't look after number 1 [that being yourself] then can't very well expect many others to do wright by you by the same token.

When you last went to the grocery store to fill up the sugar bowl … did you take the bowl with you and open another packet and pour that into the bowl, and then only pay for the closed packet that you walked out with?

Some food for thought, I'm sure …

Photo credits: Timothy Carillet, Grasko, Adrian Gabriel Baciu.

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March 16, 2010


Oh dear! the old problem rears its head again! this has been discussed by myself and others numerous times. Possibly admins opinion is you can prove that these are yours. Well addding ones name to the key words has caught them redhanded more than once, but I dont think DT wants to take action on this as there are so many non-english speaking contributers who could be responsible for this.
I 100% agree that action should be taken and their accounts suspended. Instead of focusing on reporting bad keywords, which are often reported wrongly because of lack of understanding, and then offering a reward. This should be attended to once and for all.
Hope you get some answers.
keep up the good work.

January 08, 2010


Ahh, i see, they copied every single key word...That is diffrent, sorry for my misunderstanding, i thought you were claiming copywright to words! My mistake for not reading carefully.
Also: you add your name to keywords? Thats a good idea, i think i will do that also.
Re: admins, i hope they at the very least give warning and make them change keywords.

January 08, 2010


I am happy to report back that the admins have indeed replied and … "Appropriate measures have been taken".

I must say though that the images are still reporting in the search database, but I guess that they will take a day or two to be removed from all areas of the site.

And yes, as is yours "Creativei" , "RatManDude" is my brand name
so I would really appreciate it when some loZer feels the need to copy from me to at least have the common decency to NOT copy that!

And too all those that feel its too much like hard work to report someone else … I do hope that one day that you will change your opinion, as crime is only ever as opportunistic as we all allow it to be. Don't fall victim and then say "Ah well, it's done and over" as that just makes the person that has committed the vial act that much less worried about doing the next level of crime that they may be contemplating.

Yes, rules are rules & they should be obeyed … OR ELSE!!

January 08, 2010


Guys the issue here is about some illegal & immoral practice! They have to be reported & penalized with the right measures taken by DT.
I know & I see what do you mean Altaf :(

Take Care everybody ;)

January 08, 2010


 Burj Dubai   Burj Dubai 

This two images pops up when I type creativei as search string, now creativei is my brand name, I'm not guilty of showing the offender here, This is the proof of what the blog is all about. I spend lots of time for my keywords, and do you guys agree creativei is acceptable for these two images?????? he was smart to remove another of my secret keyword. funny guy.

January 08, 2010


Well Major or non major in English, but copying someone's username which is used as a part of key word and copying that is stupidity. And this debate will go on, but atleast when copying do some home work.

January 08, 2010


As many of us are not English Majors, or have a master in the English language, it is very difficult to come up a list of BEST keywords. when i first started uploading images, i would at some point in time look at similar images and see keywords which i hadn't thought of at the time, or never would have thought of them. Sometimes a contributor may hit on a keyword which happens to be one that a majority of designers happen to enter into their searches.
When i upload an image, i usually go across 3 or more sites and see what keywords are being used. I then add those which i have missed. Hey, any music composer picks up riffs from other songs (i'm into music composition, and i see it all the time). Artists (and i know about a 1/2 dozen of professionals) also 'steal' elements of other art (be it classical or contemporary). How many of us have gleened resumés, to pick off a few key phrases to use in our resumes.
so what the heck's wrong with that ?. You know, if someone looks at my images and uses a few, then why not. If it will sell more images (rather than going to another stock site) and make more business for dreamstime, then why not. Let them take as many as they want. in the end.. the best image will sell.. but let the designers find them in the database ! Then it is up to them to choose the best.
however, just copying and pasting a bunch of keywords from one image borders on LAZYNESS .. but there are alot of lazy people in the world. it's not up to us to worry about them. if their images are crap.. no keywords in the world will help them (i speak from experience

January 08, 2010


Zenpix … I don't lay claim to copyright to words, however it is not a condoned practice to copy all the keywords [verbatim] from another persons images … a second read thru my original blog report will highlight that I did say that is exactly what was performed.

My image that was copied off, is the ONLY file in the entire DT database of the specific item in the image … and that I can definitely lay claim to copyright to …

That said I can certainly also claim full & sole ownership of my user name! which is also present in the offenders files …

While I am not adverse to someone having a look at my file's keywords and using words that are relevant to their own images, I certainly take offense when even the keywords that are irrelevant are also copied … as is the case reported.

January 08, 2010


I use keyword tool now, but when i first started i would look at similer pics & pick and choose what key words were pertinant to mine.

i dont think its possible to hold copywrite for words?...yet.

January 08, 2010


Mani33 … I am aware of the thread, but as it is a very old thread & I had more than a one liner to add on this matter — I felt that a blog was the better way to treat this subject matter.

Goodcontent … I agree, let the best image win. But where I think we differ, and you are mistaken is that image keywords are the primary resource for image selection.

My point though was that why should the other person's images be in contest with mine, when the primary resource for gathering up the choices was stolen from another contributor …

If the loZer had not copied my keywords & had attempted to thumbsuck their own, there is a good likelihood that my image would not even be competing against theirs, for final selection — remember that I did mention that there was a distinct variation between the specific content of my 1 image vs the offenders 17 images that contain my keywords.

I have reported the matter to admins, but am as yet still pending any sort of reply.

Thanks for your comments none the less … & I'd love to see more, if there are any others …

January 07, 2010


This was discussed on the message boards: I think it's unacceptable act but it should be treated the right way! Contact the support & it's fair enough to solve it! Check what Achilles had posted. Thanks!

January 07, 2010


Hi, the key words help people find an image, but in the end they chose the image on its visual content, over the key words. I agree the image sells itself. I also use the Yuri keyword tool sometimes with some editing. I say let the best image win.

January 07, 2010


Hi..! I do my keywording with Yuri tool, after that I remove and add keywords that I think that fit in my photo..! I guess looking into others keywording isn't really important, I guess the pictures talk by themself right?

cheers and have a great 2010

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