Your Mind Decides Great Shots On the Roads

Without a Canvas, painting is impracticable. Without vessels, cooking is impossible. Without citizens, a Government has no role. Without Thoughts, actions don't occur. In the same way, without good inspiration or mindset, no art will flourish.

Life is a journey in itself. Especially a road-trip reflects the lessons of real life. One can get lots of real-time and varied experiences of people and the environment. An artistic mind relishes everything that comes in its way.

Among the road-users, a walker gets more opportunities to explore the surrounding and pause at any spot to admire the beauty of that place. Here, I am presenting a few clicks taken during my road trips.

Evening Attraction. This is a silhouette of the God Shiva's statue installed in the middle of a water tank in Gujarat. The inspiring crimson backdrop and the silhouette tempted me to click.

Sun sets between God`s feet

Puzzle in the woods. This old tree of a network of roots in the ground gives an illusion of the tree having branches on both sides of the trunk.

Roots of a tree

A Creative idea. In a public park, these beautiful dancing dames welcomed the guests. It's a fantastic and novel thought, indeed. The dolls had colorful flowers as the garment.

Attractive Dancing Dolls

Dazzling Insect. An emerald beetle in the green bush amazed me. Nature gives protection through its own ways.

Shiny emerald beetle

Picturesque World. This is a view of morning sky captured while walking a mountain pass. It presents a scene of the trees looking taller than the clouds with a blue sky all around. Really, a rare sight to watch.

Trees atop the mountain

Blend of All. This is a view of houses painted with the ads of telecom companies in the backdrop of a mountain in Ooty, India. You can see a temple with a Lingam dome in the foreground. This snap depicts a perfect blend of traditional and modern ideas with bright and contrasting colors.

Moving with Times and Changes

It's not the scene that matters, but that 'how one perceives it' counts. A beautiful mind always grabs the best.

Photo credits: Mohan Thulasingam.

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June 05, 2018


Thanks Egomezta and Joezachs.

June 01, 2018


Great thans for sharing.

June 01, 2018


Good and informative blog. That network of roots on the ground is one of nature's wonders

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