Your success is due to a) Variety (b) Volume (c) Style

Now here is a question for all . Not just for the long timers with experience and lots of downloads, but also for the newbies, like myself.

Which of the three do you feel describes your success ?

or if you're a newbie, which of the three do you feel will account for you being a successful stock contributor.

a) Variety:

You shot in different categories so as to provide yourself with a larger client base.

b) Volume:

We know how successful that is, when you look at the chain stores and the famous coffee shops and fast food.

Does it work in stock photography?

c) Style:

You are not one to fly with the rest of the sky. You are more interested in a certain niche. You pick that style that is entirely your own, or where you are in your element. Your peers identify with you, as they too recognize you as one of their own.

We are all different , no doubt. But like everything in life, we do identify with a certain leaning. What do you say about yourself.

Where would you fit in these 3. Or where would you feel you would prefer to fit in one of these 3.

Fire away, I am all ears...

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

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Well a simple answer, First I wanna fit myself with variety, so can reach more clients, then to meet that demand I will concentrate on volume, (I guess variety is directly related to volume), then finally chase the style.


Likewise, there's no other answer. Some learn this valuable lesson sooner than others. Others, like me, tend to take a little longer; but, we get there! It's when you finally do connect those three dots that progress can begin to happen. Good luck to you here!


thank you Macdaddy and Irisangel for taking time to stop by to read my blog and to add your comment. I visited your portfolios and you both have impressive download history . Wow ! congrats.


It is, without a doubt, all of the above. The three elements you offer as choices, are actually the 3 necessary requirements for a good portfolio. I wish you luck. You are off to a great start.

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