(ZANZIBAR!!) Africa - A Paradise For Photographers (Part IV)

Hi again,

If you read my previous blogs (if not you can see links for them on your right hand side of the screen) you probably can understand how one can eager for a nice relaxing finish for his vacation.

In order to take photos of all those wonderful wildlife and beautiful landscapes we had to sleep in tents, confront with the heat (30-40 c degrees), wake up every day between 6-7 AM and drive more than 5000km in a truck.

Not a simple tasks!!

So, in order to spoil ourselves, we decided to finish our vacation in beautiful Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is an amazing tropical island which is a part of Tanzania and populate 1 million people.

It's known for the amazing beaches it has:

Zanzibar beach resort

wooden boat

relaxing spot on beach

Beautiful diving spots, unique monkies:

Zanzibar monkey

Zanzibar monkey

And very interesting spices farm which we learned a lot in:

Huge jackfruit

organic lipstick

That's my trip to Africa in a nutshell.

If my Zanzibar sunsets photos will be approved I'll write another Blog about Zanzibar... :)

Hope you had fun reading my African series. If you didn't buy a flying ticket already now is a good opportunity.. :)



Photo credits: Amilevin.
  • Amilevin
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Thank you all guys!

Desi - regarding the Jackfruit - I didn't tasted it, but there were amazing pineapples in this specific season we were there..


again I am envious what a wonderful trip good for you.peter


When you say Zanzibar, I definately never imagine those beautiful beaches! I really wanna go there! As Deborah said... one day ... may be...
Did you taste that jackfruit? What is it like?


fantastic! I'd like to go there.. one day.. maybe..


Wonderful trip!!