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Everyone on this world is searching happiness outside, but no one understands own soul. Everyone says ‘I’, ‘I want that’, ‘I am like that’, but no one does not understand those ‘I’. When you were born from where did you came from? When you will die where will you go?

If you will be honestly asking: Who am I? then sooner or later you will strike the wall, where mind stops. We call that ‘mind don’t know’. Zen is affirming mind ‘don’t know’ always and everywhere.

Seung Sahn he was master and founder of the international school in Western World. His words where translated by me from Polish to English so I might did some mistakes.

Say philosophy we mean usually a system of logical statements Zen is not matching this usually definition it more like opposite to it.

Interesting comparison of Zen philosophy is like compare it to situation when we want to make someone laugh, jokes usually do not suppose to be rational, because their intent is to laugh people not to be logical. Similar meaning of Zen should bring us to enlightenment, with logical is also disturbing.

Of course it is not about laughing but getting to your self.

Photo credits: Jurgen Kleykamp, Hdconnelly, Papuga2006.

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