Zen and the art of not ticking people off

I learned something about myself this week. I'm a born troublemaker. I see calm and content and I immediately have to supply some form of mischief. Or sure, it's generally harmless, but mischief nonetheless.

How did I learn this? I jumped into a conversation about a DT competitor on a popular stock discussion site and whined like a puppy getting no attention. My points were perfectly valid, but that particular thread was a happy one full of kindness and hope... and I turned it into a mudslingingfest. I'm not proud of myself.

After realizing what I had done, I went back to looked through a lot of other message boards where I participate at what I've said and I saw a pattern.

So, for as long as this feeling of guilt lasts, I am giving up on negative and looking forward to better times and I think I'll spend an hour petting my puppy today.

Of course, when the feeling passes I'll probably go back to my pattern (I'm old and it's hard to change), but I hope not.

Photo credits: Aleksandr Frolov.

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We all have a pattern. Ask Dexter Morgan :-)

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