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I am known as Zhanmusi Laoshi. I am a photographer in China. I attempt to capture the essence of Chinese traditional beauty as well as the juxtoposition of modern China with traditional cultural values. In my work you can discover the many sides of oriental culture and deep Chinese elements.

In every photograph I attempt to bend time and space through light and shadows as well as earthy tones merging with modern technology. Most of the time we look for the fine line that divides one characteristic from another. My work attempts to reveal the transition in progress, the middle way. I am particularly interested in also revealing the deeper elements of feng shui and classical Asian aesthetics. Each photograph reveals more than a simple glance or reflection of realism but rather contains abstract components which enhance the artistic impression and change moods and feelings of those who see them.

I must not only capture real life and art but also freeze the feelings that I had at the moment. Every scene must blend traditional characteristics with modern life or current motion while subtly changing the feelings in a surreal manner. It is through photography that I prefer to speak. It is my ultimate expression.

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