Zhen Ru old temple

Zhen gu ancient temple, tower China

Zhen Ru old temple is located at Lan Xi Road in Pu Tuo district, Shanghai, China. The temple occupied about 0.15 hektare and structural area is 1370 square meters. It was built in South Song dynasty (1208-1224) and remove and rebuilt in Qing dynasty. So, the temple had almost 800 years of history.

In ancient times, there were many temples in Pu Tuo district, but most of temples were ruined, Just a few temples were preserved. In these preserved temples, Zhen Ru old temple was oldest, well preserved and most famous in this area.

Shanghai resident come to Zhen Ru temple everyday to burn joss sticks for their future peace, good life and good health.

This photo is the pagoda of Zhen Ru old temple.

Photo credits: Watercattle.
  • Watercattle
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