This is my first ever blog, I'd better not make it too boring. I've been interested in taking photographs for some time now, and recently I have allowed myself to grow better at it. I recieved an old Nikon D50, works a treat, I love it. In order to move on I'd most likely try to buy a new lens as the one I have now is only the standard kit lens (28 - 100mm).

I've been getting into film photography a lot recently too. I've 'inherited' an Olympus OM2. It's gorgeous, grain looks a lot better than pixels!

Anyway, thanks for reading. This has just been an introductory article to my work, I haven't planned this out or anything, I just thought it would be interesting to write something here!

Best wishes,


Photo credits: Zjsphotographic.


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May 14, 2011


Welcome to DT and good luck!!!

May 14, 2011


Hello and Welcome to DT! :)

May 13, 2011


good luck to you

May 13, 2011


Welcome to DT!!!

May 13, 2011


Good luck... And overall, enjoy your time capturing great pictures

May 13, 2011


Welcome to DT, enjoy your time here, and work hard to see great results....

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