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Hi, you don't need to use the exact pixel resolution of any certain phone, just use an aspect ratio for phone screens (16:9 or 4:3 should do just fine) in vertical orientation. It's OK if on a phone the image needs a bit of nudging to fit as a background (ideally it should work fine with just the automatic fitting done by the phone) but do take that into account and don't put important details on the edges, and avoid square images or panoramas. As a rule of thumbs, just test the image on your own phone and if it looks good, it's good.
Message posted at 11/02/2017, 11:39:41 AM

Originally posted by Mgphotostock:
Quoted Message: Hello admin,

Just asking, can I upload only PNG file as additional file for my illustrations? Because I'm (will purchase more advanced program soon) currently using a design program that can export only to JPG, SVG, SVGZ, and PNG.

Thanks for helping.

Sorry, but PNG is a bitmap and not a vector format. The vector formats that we accept are EPS, AI and CDR.
Message posted at 09/21/2017, 09:14:45 AM
Apple Prores is supported by Premiere Pro / After Effects on the Mac which has native support for the codec. On Windows it requires Quicktime 7 to be installed, which is no longer supported by Apple.
Message posted at 03/23/2017, 05:01:31 AM
Hi, Prores is an Apple proprietary intermediate codec and while you can upload this format it is not well supported by other video editing software other than Final Cut Pro. We recommend using a standard codec for uploading (PhotoJPEG 75% for high quality source material such as animation or 3D renders; MPEG-4 or H.264 for videos shot in compressed formats) which are better supported by more video editing programs or even ready to use without editing in the case of MPEG-4 and H.264.
Message posted at 03/23/2017, 04:24:03 AM

It will be rejected, the additional file must be exactly the same as the JPEG. Or rather, the JPEG must be an exact representation of the vector. When a client buys the vector, they are buying it by looking at the JPEG, so having elements that appear in the JPEG but not in the vector is misleading them. If they use the watermarked comp in order to mockup a design, when they drop in the vector to replace the comp in the final project would require them extra work in order to reproduce the same result.

[edited for clarification]
Message edited at 12/05/2016, 05:16:06 AM by Admin
Our video requirements are the same no matter the resolution (720, 1080 or 4K): Quicktime MOV format with PhotoJPEG or MJPEG encoding with the quality set between 70 and 90%.

The frame rate should not be lower than 24 fps (or 23.976 fps) and should be any of the standard values (24, 30, 60, 120 etc. not something like 42 fps).

You can find more information here.
Message posted at 06/17/2016, 03:38:52 AM
We've checked the original file and while there is a slight brightness difference, it is mostly due to the detail loss from the compression (light areas will get compressed with darker areas).

You can see here how the video looks side by side with the preview (the video has been scaled down in the player, not via processing).
Message posted at 11/25/2015, 10:16:07 AM
PNGs are not vectors, only .ai/.eps/.cdr files are vectors. We accept 24bit PNG files only (with alpha channel), since the selling point is the transparency (which can vary in opacity, unlike GIF for example which can have only either 100% transparent or 100% opaque pixels). The files are larger because they are also using a lossless compression.
Message posted at 11/10/2015, 03:59:44 AM
Sometimes this can be caused when creating transparencies using masks, and in order to see the problem you must Expand Appearance (repeat a couple of times as the mask acts as a group element). Usually normal transparency (even in gradients) should not pose any problems unless you want to save for versions of Illustrator older than CS2. For maximum compatibility (for older versions of Illustrator as well as other programs such as CorelDRAW) you can fake transparency by using normal gradients and choosing lighter or darker shades than the background.
Message posted at 09/09/2015, 09:43:09 AM
File sizes for videos are not limited, just the length is limited to 60 seconds.

Regarding compression and codecs, we recommend using MJPEG (or PhotoJPEG) with a 75% quality because it retains much better detail than other compression algorithms (such as H.264 or MPEG-4) and is more suitable for further processing. Clips should be uploaded as MPEG-4 (or H.264) only if the source material is already saved like that directly from camera, but for clips such as computer generated graphics (2D or 3D) or time-lapses from photos saving with PhotoJPEG will result in a much more detailed clip. You can read more on compression here.
Message posted at 08/13/2015, 10:32:29 AM
Hi, can you tell us more details about the phone you are using and the version of the app you have installed? (You can find the app version in the Settings, at the bottom of the screen). Have you tried uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it?
Message posted at 02/06/2015, 03:17:00 AM
We are aware of an issue related to uploading multiple images and a fix is currently under review by Apple.
A new version of the application should be available in a couple of days in the App Store.

As a workaround until then, please delete the images (if any are showing in the Pending screen) and resubmit them one by one.
Message posted at 12/11/2014, 03:49:16 AM
Hi, have you tried logging out then logging back in the app?
Message posted at 12/09/2014, 08:59:21 AM
Hi, the app only supports photos at the moment, so you cannot edit footage from it.
Message posted at 12/05/2014, 03:47:09 AM
Hi, there might be a setting in the camera limiting images transferred wirelessly to 3 megapixels. You can try transferring the photos from the camera to a computer via cable and checking that they are full size. You can also contact the customer support of the manufacturer and ask if there are limitations when transferring images in this case.
Message posted at 10/27/2014, 07:31:47 AM
There are indeed some differences with the way iOS 8 handles push notifications and we have a version fixing this submitted to review at Apple. Make sure you update once the new version is available it should work again.
Message posted at 10/17/2014, 05:04:36 AM

Originally posted by Msternig:
Quoted Message: Is there a way to set the default options for uploaded images? (ie. Web, Print, Sell the Rights). It would also be nice to not have the photos categorized as "Abstract > Mobile", but rather remain blank so that I can fill it in later. Thanks!

Images sent via the app don't have the categories locked and you should be able to edit them (and change the Abstract > Mobile one to a more suitable subject). Can you tell us for which file ID you cannot edit the categories?
Message posted at 07/29/2014, 09:33:29 AM
Hi, the update fixing the duplicate lists issue is coming soon (under review at the time).
Message posted at 07/17/2014, 05:56:44 AM
At the moment mobile photos are not separated from the other images.
They do have the same resolution requirement (at least 3 megapixels), but only require a minimum of 5 keywords and no categories can be added in the app.

We recommend filling out more than the required 5 keywords and coming to the site to add categories.
Message posted at 07/16/2014, 09:59:47 AM

Originally posted by Libux77:
Quoted Message: Thanks a lot DT.Just a couple of things:I would love to see ETR for pending imagesI would love to see Editorial/Commercial info for pending imagesAll images in pending section look as they are "under review" even if it is not true for all images

Thanks for the input.

Can you detail the third issue? The images should appear grouped in the following order: images awaiting submission ("unfinished files" in site parlance), files submitted and under review and finally rejected files (should there be any).
Message posted at 07/16/2014, 05:29:49 AM
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