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Nice to know that respect for animals is evolving. Thank you for the information.
Message posted at 05/06/2018, 16:21:46 PM
Looks like you were able to improve your habbies, but more important, your prespective of life and happiness. Excelent advice!
Message posted at 03/22/2018, 14:22:43 PM
It was great to read and learn something about Irish culture. Loved the legends!
Message posted at 03/13/2018, 13:39:18 PM
Very good and usefull as always. Thank you :)
Message posted at 12/12/2017, 01:50:42 AM
Nice reflections, I love them.
Message posted at 08/09/2017, 01:47:52 AM
Great experience share :) I also have that problem of lens changing, and many times now, I leave my camera behind because it is taking to much space and fun from me.
Message posted at 08/09/2017, 01:43:09 AM
Hi, thanks to your idea, here is one of my White Party theme cards:  White Party Invitation Card with balloons 
Message posted at 08/04/2017, 12:01:34 PM
What is the style and color of the doors you are looking for?
Message posted at 08/02/2017, 03:40:07 AM
if you google it, you can find some big downloadable images of Circe Invidiosa that are on public domain. Wht do you need specifically? Do these raster images suit you or you need a big and scalable image created from it?
Message posted at 08/02/2017, 03:37:56 AM
Thank you so much, they are simple animation illustrations, but I do like a lot of colors. They make me happy :) I'm in Portugal, so I don't know anything about Television Network on Canada or USA :) But here in Portugal we don't have that many TV networks, it makes it a little bit more difficult :)
Message posted at 07/27/2017, 03:24:55 AM
What a great idea, I am used to see all those white parties and never thought about it. I think I'm going to make one or two illustrations based on that idea.
Message posted at 07/26/2017, 05:13:00 AM
Three letter words always disappear after your write the keywords and go back to edit the text or title of the image. I guess it is made on purpose not to have on keywords word like "and", but important words also disappear. If I need to edit the title or text, I always have to write three letter words again on keywords, unless it is not updating (in some cases it isn't).
Message posted at 07/20/2017, 01:24:04 AM

Originally posted by Aliakbar777:
Quoted Message: [quote]Are there plans to make the Dreamstime app work on Windows phone yet? I'm in the same situation, can't make my Nokia work with the app, and would love to.

Considering the present situation of the Windows Mobile Operating System, and also while already available apps are being withdrawn from the store, Dreamstime is probably not planning to make an app for WP soon!!!

AND. Which phone do you have 930/1520? :)

Mine is still 730. :)[/quote]

Sad, so sad :_(

I have 920
Message posted at 07/12/2017, 18:41:53 PM
Are there plans to make the Dreamstime app work on Windows phone yet? I'm in the same situation, can't make my Nokia work with the app, and would love to.
Message posted at 07/11/2017, 09:34:26 AM
I am still viewing the old version :/ not a lucky selected one :D
Let me just wait, a redesign was needed.
Message posted at 05/19/2017, 01:22:04 AM
Admins, I have used the report tool, but some days after, my image is still there for download, usually how much time does it take to be solved?
Message posted at 05/10/2017, 16:29:28 PM
Heathse, it is still infringement, because they are offering our images for download, it does not matter if they are making money or not (they still are making money by website traffic and eventual clicks on ads).
Message posted at 05/10/2017, 16:26:46 PM
Not bad at all, with only 18 uploads :) I foresee many sales also, nice music.
Message posted at 05/05/2017, 19:57:45 PM
   Christian Cross Cloud God Sky   
Message posted at 05/05/2017, 01:21:01 AM
Heathse, I still can enter without any FB account, and download all images. Do you need me to help you to find your images and url?
Message posted at 05/04/2017, 18:20:41 PM
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Thank you for pointing this out. In fact, we now need to click twice to go to thw original website, and the image sowing in the google image page is located on the owners server. I\'ll put an word also.
Message posted at 2013-02-06 07:35:42
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