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   Water mandala round ornament   

Are you looking for a specific theme? I can draw it for you.
Translation for user:
Você está procurando algum tema? Poderei desenhar esse tema para você.
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I also bought a Nikon DX 1.8 35mm fixed lens, and believe me, I shoot everything I can with those, what a quality! I know how you feel :) Never had a rejection with those lens. Many of them are online out of the gamera, they dont need correction.
Message posted at 12/05/2016, 08:54:35 AM
Be positive :) Nice message!
Message posted at 09/19/2016, 10:55:55 AM
Congratulations! Me too, I always ask for a payment when it is available, but well :) Î am $1.100 behind you.
Message posted at 08/31/2016, 05:37:14 AM
Thanks for your insight and advice. I create many background images, but always tend to forget the "not too busy" rule, will try to remember that next time.
Message posted at 08/31/2016, 01:32:04 AM
Nice reminder, sometimes we forget :)
Message posted at 06/09/2016, 10:24:31 AM
Hearts swinging animation with a mother's day message, pheraps?
   Hearts hanging on a rope loop animation   
Message posted at 05/10/2016, 00:15:56 AM
Good tip, and I would add "find your niche". See wich ones of your own uploads sell better and explore it.
Message posted at 01/18/2016, 07:58:24 AM
Are you thinking in something like this or something really minimal?
   White Water Lilly Lotus Leaves   
Message posted at 11/25/2015, 03:12:51 AM
What colors do you have in mind?
Message posted at 11/24/2015, 04:33:26 AM
Congratulations on your 1500th sale. Wish you many more to come!
Message posted at 10/19/2015, 08:49:47 AM
Also your gradients must have 100% opacity, no transparencies.
Message posted at 09/15/2015, 15:46:50 PM
Tudortheresa, I understand you need the wings pointing down. But there are many styles and colors.
How do you envision your caduceus?
Message posted at 09/04/2015, 03:06:39 AM
Congratulations and what a wonderful work!
Message posted at 08/27/2015, 04:41:18 AM
Hi. To contact that particular artist, click on tools just in the bottom of the image. A pop-up window will open and you can contact the artist sending him a message through the comment box. Hope it helps.
Message posted at 08/06/2015, 08:31:07 AM
Great images from Nepal. Surely it is still beauty and people are still there to cope with the problems.
Message posted at 06/23/2015, 00:51:44 AM
Are you still looking for an alligator? Should he have legs and arms and be standing? Or a traditional alligator nut with human features?
Message posted at 06/05/2015, 00:57:03 AM
Many of us can also design a tree with shadow for you in a vector format with the same concept, if you do not need the exact same image. In fact, I think there could be many on the database already.
Message posted at 05/29/2015, 01:36:06 AM
Sales with deducted taxes are usually $0.38. I've had some of those at $0.29 and my guess is that they come from Dreamstime partners.
Message posted at 05/07/2015, 07:03:48 AM
It is normal not to have indication on how long it will be reviewed. I think some are quicker than others, but don't worry about the file, just leave it there for at least two weeks. I think there is a good approval percentage, but it depends on your uploads.

Until now I have only around 20 videos, and 2 sales, wich I consider good due to the small amount of videos.

As video is quite new on Dreamstime, I think the customers are more and more over time, so hopefuly our sales will grow too, but it is also up to us to upload new and interesting content to attract those costumers and benefit us all.
Just my opinion.
Message posted at 05/07/2015, 06:02:58 AM
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Thank you for pointing this out. In fact, we now need to click twice to go to thw original website, and the image sowing in the google image page is located on the owners server. I\'ll put an word also.
Message posted at 2013-02-06 07:35:42
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