Photographs Taken With Fujifilm Cameras


12,697 stock photo images
Walker. Man walking on footpath blue skyCotswold way. Long distance footpath chipping campdenCotswold way. Long distance footpath chipping campdenMore


10,426 stock photo images
Path in Winter. A hiking path leads through the snow covered bushes and forestBush Lined Trail. A hiking trail lined with bushes after a heavy snowfall.  Photographed in Black and WhiteTrail End. A sign on a hikiong trail announcinc the dead end of a trail.  Photographed after a heavy snowfallMore


6,173 stock photo images
High tension power. Wide angle shot of high tension electrical power lines and pylon towers silhouetted against a sunset with tall chimneys in backgroundWhite tiger. White Royal Indian Bengal TigressPerfect pink. FlamingoMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX X100

4,172 stock photo images
Bergamo. A View from Bergamo Citt� alta (upper city) in Italy. Built in the 17th century, forms the historic centre of BergamoMilano Centrale railway station. Milano Centrale is the main railway station of the Italian city of Milan  and one of the main European railway stationsBurano. Is situated 7 kilometers from Venice.  is known for its small, brightly-painted housesMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S6500FD

3,432 stock photo images
Resort - Sri Lanka. Resort in Galle Sri Lanka. Restaurant over looking the seaHotel Garden. On a bright sunny dayHotel lobby. With neat furniture and lightingMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S9600

3,197 stock photo images
Lone woman in a park. A lone woman sitting on a bench in a parkBarbed wire fence. On a wallAntique window. At a historic buildingMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S7000

2,865 stock photo images
Bubbles. Hundreds of bubbles caught in a single high-resolution macro shotThe Peak. A rock / mountain climber at the summit of his climb, basking in brilliant sunshine. The climber is in silhouette, with minor highlights on the bodyWebcam on Red. A Sony webcam shot against a red backdrop. The focus of the shot is on the top 'camera' section - with the bottom bracket deliberately out-ofMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S9500

2,759 stock photo images
Wood texture. Wood prepaired for winterClown says: Hey. Porcelain clown with open arms on black backgroundCd Stack. On black backgroudMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S5600

1,768 stock photo images
Two Pigs. Discussing somethingFoggy trees. A November Day in WürzburgCold morning. A morning in novemberMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S100FS

1,343 stock photo images
Clipboard. Blank clipboard. Isolated on whiteFlashlight. Isolated over white backgroundGreen Beans. Delicious green french beans on white backgroundMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX F10

1,376 stock photo images
California surfer sunset. The silhouette of a California surfer walking along Laguna Beach at sunsetChangdeok Palace - South Korea. Injeongjeon Hall at Changdeok Palace in South KoreaThe Bell of Peace - South Korea. The Bell of Peace - Imjingak, South KoreaMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S5500

1,195 stock photo images
A missing winter. This is winterWaiting for MusicDollar. More

Fujifilm FINEPIX S5700 S700

929 stock photo images
Cordless Phone. A image of an isolated cordless phone over a white backgroundRed Lipstick Heart. A heart drawn with red lipstick, isolated on whiteRed Dripping nailpolish. A bottle of red nailpolish dripping, isolated on whiteMore

Fujifilm X10

4,452 stock photo images
Macaque Monkey. Wild Macaque monkey with pineapple in mouthSenior couple in the park. Senior couple walking  in the parkSenior couple in the park. Senior couple walking  in the parkMore

Fujifilm X-PRO1

2,691 stock photo images
High fidelity car sound system. Closeup of high fidelity motor car sound system with sd card slotCar Windshield Wiper Gauge. Windshield wiper gauge in an automobileDigital car radio buttons. Button panel for a modern hifi car radio systemMore


630 stock photo images
Panorama Rovinj. Made from the bell tower of the Eufemije cathedral (Istra, Croatia, EuropePanorama Rovinj. Made from the bell tower of the Eufemije cathedral (Istra, Croatia, EuropePanorama Rovinj. Made from the bell tower of the Eufemije cathedral (Istra, Croatia, EuropeMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S5000

628 stock photo images
Cat in the shadows. Amba my Oriental cat lurking in the shadowsGoing Out. Woman getting ready to go out. SepiaHelicopter. Flying into a clear blue skyMore


586 stock photo images
Pool in country club. Wavy pool waterSwimming pool. Detail of swimming poolBaby Hand. Close up of a baby hand on a blanket with a bottleMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S5800 S800

501 stock photo images
Tree Bark. The bark of an old Mesquite tree, rough and courseElectronic identity-credit card reader. Electronic identity-creditcard reader used to pay secure onlineTrain. A speed train passing byMore

Fujifilm X-E1

8,197 stock photo images
Elderly man. Elderly 80 plus year old man portraitElderly woman. Elderly 80 plus year old woman portrait in a home settingElderly woman. Elderly 80 plus year old woman portrait in a home settingMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S602 ZOOM

523 stock photo images
Pi π. Pi πumber 3.141592 etc etcDaisy ChainRapeseed field. Field of rapeseed oil cropMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX F30

523 stock photo images
Paints. Palette of an artist and various materialView form Albertinum. View from Albertinum at Frauenkirche Church, Dresden, GermanyIn The Zwinger, Dresden. GermanyMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX S8000FD

449 stock photo images
Milan Fountain 1. A Milan Fountain in the nightMilan Fountain 2. A Milan Fountain in the nightCastello Sforzesco - Milano. The Castello Sforzesco in Milano by nightMore

Fujifilm FINEPIX HS10 HS11

254 stock photo images
Malta Fireworks Festival at night 2010. Some of the fireworks shot at the Malta Fireworks Festival at night 2010Malta Fireworks Festival at night 2010(b). Some of the fireworks shot at the Malta Fireworks Festival at night 2010Malta Fireworks Festival at night 2010 (c). Malta Fireworks Festival at night grand harbour 2010More