Photographs Taken With Leaf Cameras

Leaf APTUS 65

3,993 stock photo images
Shredded parmesan cheese. High res shredded yellow parmesan cheese backgroundSad man on a bench. Businessman siting on a bench looking depressed with his stuff packed in a boxSad man sleeping on a bench. Businessman sleeping on a bench with his stuff packed in a boxMore

Leaf APTUS 75

1,096 stock photo images
Camping 1. Camping near the little blue lakeRiver Torrens. Adelaide, South Australia12 apostles. Eroded cliffs - stacks in ocean waves, Victoria, AustraliaMore

Leaf VALEO 11

755 stock photo images
Kiwi. Sliced kiwiKiwi. Sliced kiwiChimneysweep. Plastic toy chimneysweepMore


427 stock photo images
Heavy duty crane. Several heavy duty crane at portHeavy duty crane. Isolated heavy duty crane at the portVessel at port. Cargo operation of a vessel at the portMore

Leaf AFI 65S

242 stock photo images
Woman in the swimming pool. Near the oceanPurple exotic flower. Macro with water dropsWoman on thebeach. Woman sitting on the sand near the oceanMore

Leaf AFI 75S

178 stock photo images
Woman gambling on red table. Pretty young woman gambling on red tableWoman gambling on red table. Pretty young woman gambling on red tableWoman gambling on red table. Pretty young woman holding dices on red tableMore

Leaf APTUS 22

1,050 stock photo images
Shower scene. A woman and man in the showerRomanesco Broccoli with pearls. A head of Romanesco Broccoli draped in pearlsLight Bulbs. A group of assorted light bulbsMore

Leaf APTUS 17

34 stock photo images
Folded dancer. Barefoot dancer in a folded seated pose wears a slip dress. shot in a sepia grunge styleCD and Paper. Combo image of a CD and fan of paperAsian Beauty In Living Room. Beautiful shapely Asian model taking off sweatshirt in living roomMore

Leaf VALEO 17

48 stock photo images
Chinese girl. This is a subtle shy Chinese girlChinese girl. This is a subtle shy Chinese girlChinese girl. This is a subtle shy Chinese girlMore

Leaf APTUS 65(LF8758 )/CONTAX

30 stock photo images
Deep fried shrimp. Japanese king prawn tempura deep friedBuffalo chicken wings. With carrot and celeryArtichoke. Fresh ripe artichoke on wooden tableMore

Leaf VALEO 22

25 stock photo images
Cut Paprika Pepper. A halved red paprika pepper, on a black-gray gradient backgroundPicture Frame. Antique gold ornate picture frame on whitePicture frame. Ornate antique gold picture frame on whiteMore

Leaf VALEO 6

9 stock photo images
Timeless elegance. The foreground is the lipstics and the surface is bunch of rose petals. By using a monochromatic color I tried to create more interest in thisShinny Metal. Spatula on a blue backgroundBrown brick wall with mailbox isolated. Conceptual image brown brick wall or fence with mail box and iguanaMore

Leaf AFI 7(LF12064 )/ AFI

9 stock photo images
Woman with red hat and black gloves. Portrait of a pretty woman with red hat and black glovesMan relaxing at home with beer. Man at home drinking beer and change channels on televisionMan with beer think about repairing. Man at home sipping a beer and think about how to repair an electronic deviceMore


2 stock photo images
Red and white checkered table. Close up of wavy red and white checkered tablecloth with tight depth of fieldAir conditioner condensing unit isolated. Air condensing unit in a bus or coach for air condition systems, the image isolated on white