Photographs Taken With Leica Cameras

Leica X1

262 stock photo images
Footpath. A footpath through vegetation in the countrysideTable tennis. Detail of urban outdoor table tennis with red batWithered grass. High withered grass useful as an abstract backgroundMore

Leica D-LUX 3

541 stock photo images
German wooden house. Typical wooden house in GermanyLittle dog. Little white dog in a bagStacked Fire Wood. A pile of split firewood neatly stacked and organized in front of a shedMore

Leica D-LUX 5

191 stock photo images
Oak tree vineyard. Southern CaliforniaVintage Ford. On a green fieldCabot Yerxa Pueblo. Trading Post, Cabot Yerxa Museum Desert Hot Springs CaliforniaMore

Leica D-LUX 4

175 stock photo images
Outdoor market in Paris with fresh carrots. Outdoor market near the Bassin de la Villette in Paris with fresh carrotsParis beautiful color of stained glass windows. Paris and the beautiful color of stained glass windowsParis and delicious pastry. In the neighborhood of the 19th wardMore

Leica V-LUX 1

56 stock photo images
Eraser. Erasing marks on white paperFlying fox. A kid performing 'flying fox' an outdoor activityAncient temple. A historical temple in MalaysiaMore


33 stock photo images
Siren. Alarm siren on a ferryEmpty bar. Bar stools and empty barCCurly Wood Shavings. Cedar wood shavings created by an antique planeMore


35 stock photo images
Mariachi from above. Mariachi band member from above walking down brick street in puerto nuevo, baja california norte, mexicoFootprint. In the sandMan. In the desert aloneMore

Leica V-LUX 4

39 stock photo images
Ponte vecchio. Sign of ponte vecchio bridge in Italy, FlorenceGrotesque masks. In window shop, Florence, ItalyDante quote. Sign of Dante quote on Ponte Vecchio, Florence, ItalyMore

Leica D-LUX2

8 stock photo images
Biscuits. European delicatessenCamera Talk. A professional video camera sits waiting in the studio with green screen backdropLifeGuard Station. At Repulse BayMore


37 stock photo images
Olive. Single olive isolated over whiteMaking candied chestnuts. Food, gastronomy, cooking,cookeryMaking candied chestnuts. Food, gastronomy,culinary,cookeryMore

Leica C-LUX 3

10 stock photo images
Canary Wharf. Street-level view of Canary Wharf, from Jubilee Park facing South towards South QuayCafe Corner. A rest stop of cafe with wonderful viewCafe Corner. A rest stop of cafe with wonderful viewMore


10 stock photo images
Ice. Abstract close up of ice in a puddleIce. Abstract close up of ice in a puddleIce. Abstract close up of ice in a puddleMore

Leica C-LUX 2

7 stock photo images
Sedona Sedimentary Landform. Photograph of the beautiful landscape in Sedona, Arizona. Visible sedimentary layers of rockSedona Sedimentary Landform. Photograph of the beautiful landscape in Sedona, Arizona. Visible sedimentary layers of rock. Great contrast between the blue skyRed Dirt Road. Photograph down a red dirt road in Sedona, Arizona. Beautiful landscape and rock formations along the sides of the roadMore


3 stock photo images
Bahia de todos santos. Dec 29, 2003 6:00 am Fishing boat docked for repairs at Puerto De EnsenadaFootprints in Sand. Sandy footprints on Camps Bay Beach, Cape TownGarlics and onions. In Viana do Castelo market in PortugalMore

Leica V-LUX 30

5 stock photo images
Julian Assange protesters. Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the protesters gather and sing in support of Mr AssangeJulain Assange makes a speech. From the balcony of the Ecuador Embassy Julian Assange makes a speechJulain Assange with his speech in hands. Julain Assange walks out to make a speech, the speech in his handsMore

Leica V-LUX 2

7 stock photo images
Whitby Abbey. Scenic view of ruins of Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, EnglandRuins of Whitby Abbey. Scenic view of Whitby Abbey ruins with blue sky background, North Yorkshire, EnglandPeter Tatchell. Protesting against the Pope's visit, at St Mary's University. LondonMore

Leica C-LUX 1

3 stock photo images
Ground Zero, New York City. Ground Zero, in New York City, facing the World Trade Center Path Train (subway) Station entrance, on the fifth anniversary of 9/11Mumbai, India. Mumbai's street vendor selling fruits & vegetablesGrass Huts Over Water, Polynesia. Grass huts sit over the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean under a blue sky on Rangiroa, an atoll in the Tuamotus, FrenchMore