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This area brings together images on a specific theme or under specific criteria.The collections that are listed here were built by the site's members and containwork from different photographers. The author of the collection is not the photographerthat took the pictures (although they can include their own work too) but theperson that manages the collection.
A collection should include work from at least five photographers in order tobecome visibile on the site. You can start a new collection by accessing the 'Collections' section under your management area, or directly from an image page.

Image collections
undefeated managed by Khashassi
Abstract background with animated circles Added: 09/28/2016
undefeated music video

Jewish cemetery and old tomb stones managed by Balazovic
Tomb stone at jewish cemetery below medieval castle Beckov Added: 09/27/2016
some of the old tomb stones at jewis cemetery

Backgrounds and patterns managed by Iguanasbear
Abstract seamless floral pink white pattern Added: 09/27/2016
Abstract colorful backgrounds and patterns.

Bears drinking beer managed by Iguanasbear
Coloring panda with drink Added: 09/27/2016
Bears with beer - comic cartoon animals in different situations and emotional states

Hedgehog cute illustrations managed by Iguanasbear
Hand drawn doodles collection  illustration Added: 09/26/2016
Hedgehog animal - cute cartoon, illustration, vector, raster images and patterns

Fun Happy Awesome Dogs - Puppy managed by Milaaraujo
Brown Boxador Added: 09/26/2016
Dogs and Puppy fun, exploration, interaction and behavior

Red blue white abstract backgrounds and patterns managed by Iguanasbear
Canavas with aquarelle Added: 09/26/2016
Abstract backgrounds in red, blue, white colors combinations.

Saint Nicholas, devil and angel managed by Iguanasbear
Saint nicholas frame - funny vector background Added: 09/26/2016
Central European, especially Czech, folk advent and Christmas tradition of saint Nicholas (Mikulas), devil and angel. Cartoon illustrations - comic characters. Usable for packaging for confectionery, placards at St. Nicholas entertainment and so on.

Construction site managed by Damaisin1979
Small cement mixer Added: 09/24/2016
Construction site and tools. Buildings in construction and professional levels of work development.

Abstract and concept backgrounds. managed by Damaisin1979
Deep red sky for Christmas and Valentine background Added: 09/24/2016
Various abstract and conceptual backgrounds for business cards, websites, book covers, invitations, educational purposes, clipart, Valentine and Christmas supports, seasonal reasons. Vintage concepts. Inspirational backgrounds.

Railway and train tracks managed by Damaisin1979
Railway track Added: 09/23/2016
Railways and shiny train tracks. Details and backgrounds. Transportation technology.

Fruit. Isolated and backgrounds. managed by Damaisin1979
Peeling banana Added: 09/23/2016
Fresh fruit of different colors and sizes. Beautiful fruit backgrounds.

RUSTIC BACKGROUNDS managed by Aliciagm
My rustic blue front door Added: 09/23/2016
Aged, weathered materials that often can be found in a rural environment. This kind of original backdrops are use to transmit a sense of reality, truthfulness, simplicity, innocence and warmth.

Dolomiti mountains, Italy managed by Damaisin1979
Vintage objects and toys against wall Added: 09/23/2016
A series of images of Dolomiti mountains in north Italy. Beautiful landscapes, typical flowers and vegetation, scenic views, clouds and skies and particularities.

insects managed by Sandago
Ladybug Added: 09/22/2016
Collection of different insects, like butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

Natural backgrounds managed by Damaisin1979
Natural summer background. hay and straw in  sunlight Added: 09/22/2016
A series of various backgrounds implying abstarct natural marble for designs, waves and water, grass and leaves, skies and clouds.

Boho or hippy inspired design elements managed by Amandee
Christmas snowflakes or lace design elements on red tag with white stiches Added: 09/21/2016
boho design elements of feathers, tribal designs, hippy colors, flowers, and other free style decorations, boho or gypsy patterns and abstract symmetrical flower illustrations, bohemian designs

Fresh vegetables managed by Damaisin1979
Tomato and white onion background Added: 09/21/2016
Fresh vegetables of different sizes and colors. A series of diifferent images, mix fresh vegetables, isolated vegetables and backgrounds.

Modern advanced technology: Internet connection, communication, intelligence managed by Buman
Internet Added: 09/20/2016
Modern advanced technology: Internet connection, communication, intelligence(conceptual images, symbols and metaphors). Photos, vectors, 3D illustrations... Available in high-resolution and several sizes to fit the needs of your project. 3D render.

Cosmic images and fractal art managed by Damaisin1979
Cosmic background Added: 09/20/2016
Series of wonderful cosmic images and fractals with lots of colors, planets, futuristic concepts, ideas, 3D rendering, lights, clouds, swirls, textures.

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