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Image collections
Birch tree managed by Losmandarinas
Autumn birch forest Added: 01/31/2018
Birch tree is well known for its white trunk. Everybody know what a bitch tree look like. The usage of a birch tree is wide. From a spring tree they get juice. The wood are used for firewood. The best firewood is a birch wood. Also birch wood are used for axe handles. Birch wood is strong to handle impact loads and well dampens vibration. Also it is used in music to make drums.

Marriage Equality managed by Erinrandolph
NYC: 2014 Gay Pride Parade Added: 01/31/2018
Love is Love is Love is Love...

Time's Up and Me Too Movements managed by Erinrandolph
Time’s Up sign from 2018 Women’s March Me Too movement Added: 01/31/2018
#MeToo and Time's Up, two incredibly important movements making waves.

Winter scene managed by Teyakp
Winter scene with snowy spruces and beech Added: 01/31/2018
Landscape in winter time

Traditional costumes, tribal garbs, tribes, body painting managed by Hel080808
Dancer Pacific Ocean Added: 01/31/2018
People wearing traditional costumes or body painting

Road Work Ahead managed by Erinrandolph
Construction Site and Road Closed SIgn Added: 01/30/2018
Sometimes it's just easier to go around...

Abraham Lincoln managed by Erinrandolph
Bobble-Head Dolls, Donald Trump, Uncle Sam, USA Added: 01/30/2018
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.

Touring Lebanon managed by Erinrandolph
Barren Landscape Added: 01/30/2018
Collection of the top tourist attractions in Lebanon.

New York City Traffic managed by Erinrandolph
NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 24, 2015: Heavy traffic along Queensboro Added: 01/30/2018
If you drive in NYC, expect traffic at every turn!

Spruce tree managed by Losmandarinas
Small child standing by an old big spruce in the forest and looks up Added: 01/30/2018
Spruce tree is well known as a Christmas tree although there are other ways to use this tree. Spruce wood also well known as a tonewood. Sound spreads very fast in spruce wood and because of that spruce are used to make musical instruments such as guitars, violins, pianos, etc.

Apple tree managed by Losmandarinas
Apple wood texture Added: 01/30/2018
Apple tree is well known for its round sweet and sweet and sour fruits. Apple trees grow in many regions and have many species. Apple trees are grown in gardens and parks. Apple trees gardens are especially popular in spring time when the flowering period begins. Apple wood is very strong and it has very interesting texture. It is used for making handles for joinery tools and also good for carving out wood bowls.

Diverse photographs managed by Oleggudzenko
Stop sign Added: 01/30/2018
The collection includes a variety of photographs, videos and illustrations that can be interesting

Oak tree managed by Losmandarinas
Idyllic Added: 01/29/2018
Oak tree is well known for its long life expectancy. Large and old oaks become popular, many people visit the oaks and worship them. It is considered to be a place where one's can gain strength. The same thing happens in different countries. People consider oaks wise trees because they grew very long and they saw a lot in their time. Oaks are also a source of a large number of useful products such as wood, cork, etc.

Amur cork tree managed by Losmandarinas
Amur cork tree Added: 01/29/2018
Amur cork tree well known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine and its use for cork. Originaly comes from Japan, widely distributed in Asia and planted in many countries of Europe and Nothern America. It is stable for cold and became popular for city spaces for its not being very tall. Wood has a beautiful texture similar to ash and uses for furniture although the wood is not very common commercial because the Amur cork tree has not a high trunk that turns into branches so it is not much wood suitable for work.

Cross cuts of trees managed by Losmandarinas
Tree trunk cross cut wood texture Added: 01/29/2018
Natural round cross cuts of different types of trees with bark can be used to identify the different types of trees and wood.

Turtles managed by Erinrandolph
Feeding the turtle Added: 01/29/2018
A collection featuring the many varieties of turtles.

Interesting wood textures managed by Losmandarinas
Brown oak wood texture Added: 01/29/2018
Interesting natural wood textures of different types of wood such as planks, boards, logs, timber, weathered and also of different kinds of trees such as pine, oak, etc.

Broadcast News Media managed by Erinrandolph
Breaking News, ABC 7, Eyewitness News, Times Square Studios, NYC, New York, USA Added: 01/29/2018
When news breaks, we rely on journalists and their team cover the story.

Landscapes Portugal Europe managed by Melyssaborguet
Video landscapes beach Lagos Added: 01/29/2018
Discovery South Portugal South coast of Portugal, Faro to Lisbonne Crazy Landscapes beaches blue sea nature

flower of life managed by Rebeccaclelland
Sacred geometry symbol, Flower of Life for alchemy, spirituality, religion, philosophy, astrology emblem or label. White icon logo Added: 01/28/2018

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