FAQ / I've been using the Keymentoring feature for a while now, and it seems that my suggestions went by unnoticed or something happened, because I haven't received a dime! What am I doing wrong?

Here are a few guidelines for keymentoring:
- be very careful when entering keywords (use a dictionary if possible)
- make sure that they are relevant to the contents of the image (don't enter keywords that are irrelevant for the subject of the image - e.g. nails for a picture of woman - unless she is presenting her nails the fact that she has them is not relevant)
- don't go for images that already have lots of keywords (another 10 keywords added to the existing 70 of an image won't help very much, and it will be hard to find ones that are new)
- don't use a search string to keymentor all the images in the search results with a very similar or identical set of keywords (there will surely be many images that won't accept all the keywords, and you are wasting both your time and the reviewer's)
- double check (a single wrong word can lead to the rejection of the entire set)