FAQ / My image was flagged/reported for irrelevant keywords. What should I do?

Flags/reports for bad keywords are reviewed by admin and approved or refused accordingly. Each time one of your images is flagged for irrelevant keywords, you will receive a comment. Please read it and compare reported keywords to the content of your image. Note that sometimes buyers will accidentally use the flag button instead of "Add to lightbox". If the keyword is striking relevant, most likely the flag was accidental and of course, it will not be approved. You can reply to mention that the user accidentally clicked the flag instead of saving the image. Since it may take weeks for the flag to be reviewed, while the report is still pending, you can edit your image info (Image page/ Tools tab) and remove all irrelevant keywords. If, at the time of review, the image is edited and irrelevancies are removed, the flag will no longer reach us. On the contrary case, if at review time the image info still includes the keywords reported, editing rights are blocked and the person who reports bad info receives $0.02. In order to avoid future reports, we strongly recommend you check thoroughly and adjust all image info.