FAQ / How do I complete the tax registration process and claim treaty benefits?

To ensure that these withholding tax laws are properly administered, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designed Form W-8BEN for purposes of:
- Certifying that you or your company is not a US citizen or tax resident, and/or
- Claiming reduction in, or exemption from, US withholding tax under an applicable income tax treaty.
We're required to obtain a W-8BEN (or other applicable W-8 form) from each contributor who is not a US citizen or resident.
View our online W-8BEN here.
You should be able to complete this form on-line in a matter of just a few minutes.
In a few less common cases, you may be required to complete this process manually. If that happens to be the case for you, please print the appropriate forms and then mail to us. There are printable instructions in PDF format that will help you complete the process.
If you are unsure of what applies to you, refer to the W-8BEN instructions and/or consult with a tax advisor.