FAQ / My image was refused? What should I do?

Refusals are in no way personal but mere guidelines that speak about the quality and commercial potential of the specific image on the market as it is at the time of review. As your representing agent we want to offer more of your content, but your images need to be suitable for the needs and requirements of our customers, both technically and aesthetically. We provide you with the refusal reasons in hope that with these guidelines, your future images will improve in all aspects and sell successfully.
Always read the rejection reason(s) carefully and completely. Open your refused image and check again, keeping the rejection reason in mind. This will help you see the image with a more critical eye and from a more objective standpoint. If you are able to correct the problem(s), do this as best as you can and resubmit your image. If you are not able to correct the image, take note of the error or mistake you made. Do your best to avoid repeating it in your future uploads. This is especially valid if you see a repeating refusal reason - it means that you should pay closer attention to this aspect of your images. As you avoid the mistakes you made in the past you will begin to see how your skills and ultimately the images you produce become better and better.
If you do not understand a particular refusal reason feel free to contact us and ask for a more detailed clarification. Tell us also why you believe your image is good and suitable for commercial use. This will help you look at it from our perspective.
We reserve the right to select our content and the refusals do not necessarily relate to your photographic skills and technique, they usually reflect our criteria for selecting sale-able content. While you may not always agree with our feedback, keep in mind that it is meant to maximize your approval ratio and the sale potential of your images on our website. Good luck!