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FAQ / How many images can I download using the 11 credit package? It says up to 11 images but I got less.

The 11 credit package allows you to download a maximum of 11 images if you download images that cost 1 credit each. These would be the level 0 images at the smallest size. Our image prices differ according to the image size and level and they vary between 1 and 19 credits for a maximum size, maximum level file. For a complete list of prices, check the table on the About our images page.
Most of our database is made up of low level images, with level 0 being their vast majority. You can set your search to return only low level images by using the advanced search. The price filter should be available once you make your first search, in the advanced search options.
This will allow you to always download the lowest priced imaged and make most of the packages you purchase.