FAQ / How to upload my images?

Step 1: Upload the images using the regular upload or the FTP upload options (My Account). The FTP upload mode needs to be activated while the regular upload requires Java installed/updated. Wait a couple of hours for images to be processed.

Step 2: Check if the images have been correctly processed in your Upload History/My Account

Step 3: Continue the submission procedure from your Unfinished Files/My Account. Three submission tabs are available: 'RF commercial', (images for commercial license sale, you fill in your own image info, in English only) 'RF no keywords', (images for commercial license sale, image info is filled in by our keymasters, $0.60/image) 'Editorial' (images for editorial license sale). Mouse over each tab to see detailed explanations. Select one of these three tabs and proceed.

Step 4: Complete submission and send the image to review using the 'Submit' button. The images go to your Pending files folder where they sit until review and you will be notified by email if images are approved or refused.