FAQ / A buyer found my image using keywords that are not present in my image info. Why is that?

Buyers may navigate several pages before buying an image so you may sometimes see that the "buyer searched for" section lists keywords which are not included in your info, may be unusual or completely unrelated to your image. You could use these keywords to identify the concept as in some cases unrelated keywords can reveal more about the buyers' project.

Although they start from a search based on keywords, the buyers may then navigate the "similar images" or the "more images with this model" sections. A search for "smiling woman" can continue in the "images with the same model" section from where the buyer can move to a different expression and end up downloading an "upset man". If the keywords are never changed while navigating these pages, then the initial "smiling woman" set is saved and shown as used by the buyer.

The "buyer searched for" feature is designed to help you better understand how searches are made and which of your keywords are most relevant sale-wise speaking. You can use it as guideline and edit the image info to include relevant or obvious keywords you may have missed. We do ask you to keep in mind the visual search explanation above and NOT include unrelated or irrelevant terms. Spam is not allowed so make sure all keywords apply to your image. If a buyer downloads your "dog looking up" but initially searched for "business man looking up," the only keywords you can add to your image are "looking" and "up" in case they are missing.

Use "Add" Add to image keywords only if relevant feature to include the missing keywords only when they are relevant. Note that the keywords will not be updated immediately, it may take a few hours/days to refresh.