FAQ / I want to upload images. What do I do?

We're always looking for more photographers and they are our community's most important asset. Here are a few basic guidelines that will help you with the submission process. Registration, membership and image upload are free of any charge. Once you have an active account, you can start uploading images. Our agency does not run an initial screening of your portfolio but make sure you are selective and upload high quality content as competition is tough. Find more info about upload steps here and here.

For large portfolios, the FTP option is recommended as you can upload your entire portfolio at once. Users exclusive with other agencies can also start uploading images offline as soon as they send their renounce exclusivity notifications. The content will be available for sale as soon as this notification expires.

Don't be discouraged by refusals. While we'd love to accept all images you send us, we need to make sure your portfolio features only content that has high sale potential. We also want to give you the opportunity of improving and evolving in order to meet the stock photo market needs and requirements.

Don't forget to check our site's Terms and conditions. More details about selling your images and royalties awarded can be found on the Sell your images page. Join conversations on the Message boards for tips and shared experiences from fellow members.