FAQ / What is a collection and what is a lightbox?

Both lightboxes and collections are used to save media. The collection is public and can therefore be viewed by anyone. If it has less than 5 contributors participating, it can be seen only if you use a direct link to it (not within the collections section). The person who chooses to manage a collection needs to select images on the same concept/topic/theme, give the collection the appropriate title, description and keywords. Once the collection has media from more than 5 contributors, it becomes available in the collections section and can be used as reference by anyone who finds it or performs topic related searches. The lightbox on the other hand is not public. It is a personal and private collection of media where you save files you are interested to download later. As compared to the collections, the lightboxes do not have to contain media on the same topic/theme/concept. The inclusion of images in the lightbox is randomly selected in searches by buyers interested to quickly and efficiently save media for later download. Sharing the lightbox with other users is optional for the owner. Designers can share or email lightboxes to their clients or fellow designers. A lightbox is not made public on the site regardless of the number of contributors from whom media were saved.