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Critique of portfolio

I'm just getting started at stock photography and I hope I'm headed in the right direction with my shots. Would welcome any comments on my shots, good or bad.

Posted: 0 hours ago
Looks like you're developing a nicely diverse portfolio Oz. That's a great start!!

Canon 7D & 5D
Posted: 03/30/2005, 01:11:05 AM
I think the concepts as this one will do really well, there's always a demand for something like this.

One critique, I would try to focus the stock character of the photos, avoiding what we call snapshooting. Although your images don't fit this category, you should try to put a concept and an idea beneath each of them. Even if you upload less the sales will be higher.
Posted: 03/30/2005, 04:39:12 AM
Thanks for the tips. I've really learned a lot in a very short time and hope to learn a lot more.

Posted: 03/30/2005, 07:56:23 AM