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Design Show off with Adobe Creative Suite ( My New Designs )

Hi, I'm not sure if this the right place for this post, Just wanted to share my new released magazine and the design concept. Hope you guys like it. Would like to get some rating on 1 to 10 scale. Please ignore the initial ads, ( cant avoid them )

This is the latest of my creation,

Car Xpress Jan Issue

here is the link to complete designs, you can find some of your images in these magazine. All Magazines
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Edited: 01/13/2009, 04:48:46 AM
Very nice site and design, I LOVE IT.

Rating 9
Posted: 01/13/2009, 05:44:31 AM
Oh Jacky, I guess you have some misunderstanding, Im not talking about the site, Just the magazine Car Xpress. site is not done by me, I have a portfolio there. Anyways thanks for the reply.
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Posted: 01/13/2009, 06:12:22 AM
No I did understand it right. The rating is for the design of the magazine.

But the site is also very nice as I said....

Greetings Jacky7
Posted: 01/13/2009, 06:35:52 AM
Ok Mr. Jacky, and thanks for giving 9, I'm very happy.
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Posted: 01/13/2009, 12:19:28 PM