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Trademarks - what kind of images you shouldn't upload

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Why I cannot used newspaper collage to my illustrations??
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Posted: 01/25/2013, 09:34:38 AM
Hi,Serban!Thank you for these informations who are very important and good!
Tell me please what do you think about this situation:
In my portfolio I have two pictures of the same subject approved:
This picture at RF:   Helicopters   
And this at Editorial:   Helicopters   

Are the same types of helicopters!What do you think?Should worry about in terms that I was accepted and the RF?Is ok? Or should not upload and the editorial?To remove the one loaded in editorial or RF? Or leave them both so,one to editorial and one to RF?
Edited: 01/26/2013, 03:16:30 AM
Keep both now you have uploaded them as RF and editorial and DT has accepted them. RF and editorial licenses are for different uses so you now cover both options.
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Posted: 01/26/2013, 09:27:26 AM
Thanks for answer,BCritchley!
Posted: 01/30/2013, 12:17:23 PM
BCritchley,I know that RF and editorial licenses are for different uses.My problem was that I was sorry that I did not put both with RF.Should not put one and the editorial.Just so.Should both at RF.So now I have to leave them.Thank you!
Posted: 02/02/2013, 11:30:00 AM
another stock site where i have this photo (Pensacola Beach Ball, Pensacola Beach, Florida) told me it is now editorial and they changed all others of this same object on the site too....so I will make mention and leave it up to you all because i really do not know.  Pensacola Beach Ball 
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Posted: 02/02/2013, 22:48:45 PM
I have some shots taken in Venice that are waiting to be reviewed. The first ones have been refused as RF. However, searching for "Venice canal" we can see more than 7000 RF shots, showing generic architecture or even historic palaces, and most of them are very similar to my ones (sometimes the same buildings with no people). So what do I have to do with my other "waiting shots"? Delete them and resubmit as "editorial", and why?
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Edited: 03/14/2013, 12:54:17 PM
Inspect your photos very closely, sometimes even the readable street name with the house number is the reason for the copyright rejection. Good luck!
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Posted: 03/14/2013, 14:43:15 PM
how is it possible to find loads of pics on dreamstime of cars displaying emb,ems, logos, etc. what do you need to do to get them posted? I seriously doubt that each one of these got a permission from the car's owner... thanks
Posted: 04/20/2013, 11:46:10 AM

Originally posted by Jhernan124:
Quoted Message: how is it possible to find loads of pics on dreamstime of cars displaying embems, logos, etc. what do you need to do to get them posted? I seriously doubt that each one of these got a permission from the car`s owner... thanks

Most certainly you are referring to Editorial Images..
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Posted: 04/20/2013, 12:17:36 PM

Originally posted by Maxgjr:
Quoted Message: hi there, i`m new to this, maybe you can help me, i had my first 5 uploads refused due to trademark/copyright issues.i mainly take pictures of racing events, cars are sponsored and thus have logo`s on them, like Formula 1.how is this copyrighted and how can this be circumvented in any way??

Try submitting them as editorial - they should be accepted there if the quality and news-worthyness is good enough
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Posted: 04/21/2013, 03:52:39 AM

Originally posted by Achilles:
Quoted Message: As most of you already know, there are certain subjects that shouldnt appear in your images if you plan to sell them as Royalty Free Stock.Well leave this thread open and I suggest adding your input to the list below. New and old users are asked to check this list carefuly and to come back here regularly, in order to avoid having the files refused.IMPERATIVE:1. never upload a theme/subject that you are certain of violating a trademark; this applies internationally not only for US, UK or CA; if you have a protected element in your own country do not upload an image of it, because even if it gets approved first, it will be disabled afterwards. Also you own all rights of the picture and you are the only person responsible. Dont risk yourself, the company that holds the trademark might come after you.2. be sure you hold ALL copyrights of everything appearing in your image3. do not upload images with recognizable faces of human persons without attaching a model release. It doesnt matter if you took a shot on a crowdy street you still have to own a model release agreed and signed by each of your subjects.4.do not upload cars with brands (check doors, trunk, engine, wheels, steering, seats, gearbox, cd/casette player, everything)5. do not upload shots taken on the stree with commercials visible they will all be disabledTRADEMARKS (things that are not obvious but you should know):1. Certain buildings are trademark protected. Some of them are famous, some arent. An architect may choose to protect his/her building. Most of the modern buildings arent protected, but it might be useful to check first. Basicaly each building after December 1990 or blue prints on this date is eligible for protection.Famous buildings you shouldnt see on Dreamstime:- Flatiron building in NY, Tour Eiffel at night (lights on), Sidney Opera in Australia.2. logos:Windows, CD, DVD, Dolby, Sony, Canon, etc, everything3. names and signatures, license plates4. other: Mickey and Minnie, McDonalds and the Golden Arches, the Cypress Tree on Pebbles Beach, Lego, Peeps5. modern art (same for buildings) it doesnt matter if its on a public space, is the work of an artistPlease add here any other examples of things you know to be protected. It would save valuable time to all of us. Try to verify your source and accompany the statement by a link to a document that provides more details.Should you find any images online that violate a trademark protection please use the contact form to notify us.If you want to learn more about trademarks please visit this site or do a search on Google
Posted: 05/05/2013, 20:09:02 PM
But it is right that this counts for commercial images?

If for example i am in Disney Land i can still shoot images and sell them as Editorial. Please correct me when i am wrong.

Posted: 05/14/2013, 14:29:10 PM
I wanted to know about copyright in candy such as gummy bears, gummy warms, and chocolate bunnies. I´ve seen a lot of candy images with this kind of sweets on this site. When I uploaded a few images of this candy I couldn´t because of copyright issues. In this case do I have to adress directly to the candy companies?
Posted: 05/21/2013, 00:30:55 AM
As far as i know only if they have the typical shape that recognicze the brand of the candy. When you will upload generic candies it will be acceptable.

It would be the same if you would upload a new ferrari without logo. It would be also not accepted. You can see becasue of the typicall shape that it is the Ferrari.
Posted: 05/21/2013, 01:21:09 AM

Originally posted by AuthenticCreations:
Quoted Message: If for example i am in Disney Land i can still shoot images and sell them as Editorial. Please correct me when i am wrong.

Every place/human/thing on the Earth and from the known Universe can be sold as editorial.
Posted: 05/21/2013, 01:23:40 AM
Posted: 05/21/2013, 18:44:31 PM
why this picture could be regarded as a "RF stock photo"?

we can see the number and letters and the famous brand name in this picture.
does this picture have "property release" ? where is it?

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Posted: 06/11/2013, 23:40:23 PM
I'm a little late to the party here :)

I found this list the other day that seems to be quite comprehensive:


I was suprised at some of the restrictions for editorial use as well.
I immediately pulled two photos from my collection!
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Edited: 06/18/2013, 08:46:25 AM
Oops, I guess that site isn't allowed to be mentioned. You can probably figure it out!
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Posted: 06/18/2013, 08:45:05 AM
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