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New assignment: First steps

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Originally posted by Ankevanwyk:
Quoted Message: [quote]It's a diploma that will cost $300 to be printed :))

Uaaaaah! I like that :-)))))))))))))))))))))))


@Ankevanwyk... you are at 1000 posts! Stop! Don't post anymore! Or printscreen first! Congratulation! :))
Posted: 1 minute ago
Time to check what exactly our assignment participants have learned and/or taught, whose first steps were best steps and who's going to take some steps with heavier pockets :).

First place and the $300 prize go to Martinedegraaf for a very young yet determined bicycle riding student:

   Kid learning biking   

Second place and the $200 prize go to Audines for a cute baby snail learning to crawl - it seems on its mother's shell for the time being:

   Baby snail   

Third place and the $100 price go to Brad Calkins for another very young bycicle rider ready for some learning action on his own:


As usual, the money prize is to be accompanied by the official Dreamstime T-shirt.

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants and see you all at the next assignment.

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Congratulations to all the winners and participants, nice images.
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 05:17:17 AM
Congrats for all winners!
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 05:26:07 AM
Congratulations to first two the winners! Nice photo. :))

Particularly congratulate to Brad Calkins.

It should be forbidden to participate in these competitions. :)

I'm joking. You are very, very good! Best regards!

Edited: 03/03/2010, 05:35:03 AM
Congratulations Martine (what a week!!), Audines and Brad!
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 05:41:43 AM
Congratulations to the winners and to all participants: kids, snails, monkeys, elephants, pigs, ducks, Jesus, cougars, dogs, grandparents and frogs!

Very happy with my photos - first assignment!

Places 23 and 27 from 72 participants.

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   


   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

Hurry up DT, waiting for next assignment!
Posted: 03/03/2010, 05:43:26 AM
Congratulations to the winners!
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 05:48:50 AM
Martine, you seem to be on a roll - featured photographer last week and now assignment winner!


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Posted: 03/03/2010, 06:18:04 AM
Congratulations to the winners! Well-done!)
Posted: 03/03/2010, 07:41:50 AM
Congratulations to the winners! Very nice images. Well done!
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 07:59:49 AM
OMG.....can't believe it! I don't know what's happening lately, but I sure enjoy the ride:D:D

Thanks so much all for voting and for your congratulations!!

Audines and Brad, big congrats to you, too! You were both among my favorites. As well as some other pics by the way, there were several that I just loved!!

boy o boy..... ;)

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Posted: 03/03/2010, 08:16:47 AM
Congratulations to the 4th place! - and to all the participants 'cause they all are Winners!
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congrats winners. I had hoped an illustration would have placed (not just mine either), but better luck next time!
Posted: 03/03/2010, 09:26:04 AM
Congratulations to all!
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 09:32:29 AM
Thanks and congrats to all! Some of the illustrations were amazing!
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Edited: 03/03/2010, 10:22:44 AM
Congratulations! Winning photo's classic lighting and colors certainly give it that certain something extra. Enjoyed everyone's photos.
Posted: 03/03/2010, 11:01:21 AM
My favorite images won :) Congratulations to the winners!! :)

Martine, this really is an awesome week for you :D
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 11:03:51 AM
Congratulations to all winners:)
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Posted: 03/03/2010, 11:24:58 AM
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