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Opinions needed. How's my old camera holding up???

I just uploaded some new images using my old camera from almost 4 years ago (Canon Powershot S3 IS). It's the only camera I have left after I have to sell my dslr T-T...

Anyway, I want to know how's the quality of the images are and are there up to standard here.

Here's are some samples, accepted as editorial...

   Central World in smoke   

   Putting out the fire   

   Smoke from burning tires   

Canon EOS 80D
Posted: 05/28/2010, 21:26:47 PM
Hi Sparkieblues,

In my opinion, i think a camera is good as long as it doesn't stop you from evolve in photography technique and art. If you feel comfortable with and it is ok for what you are doing with it then... just continue your work with it.

When you will need more speed, less noise or faster and precise focus, then you will go one step further and upgrade the equipment.

Please don't take this as a rule, it's just my opinion!

Best regards,

Nikon D90
Posted: 06/01/2010, 11:46:59 AM
Sparkie, you might put the location in your description and keywords... I have no idea where Central World is...

I agree with Photospy that you should use the camera you have! Earn some money here and then you can upgrade...
A7, iPhone 6+. ...
Posted: 07/28/2010, 17:10:56 PM
I have a habit of getting comfortable with certain equipment, and find that something has to "retire" it (ie: snowboarding accident = camera crumpled at bottom of rocks), for me to actually upgrade. But then, I find, when I finally do have the newer tech, I can't imagine why I had waited so long to upgrade. Of course, there is always a learning curve, and I inevitably always curse some new feature, or complain about a feature that I miss. But, in the long run, I love having newer equipment.

If it has a lens...
Posted: 10/29/2010, 21:04:53 PM